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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2013Layring in architecture : a case of Rajmahal palace , Banswara.Chauhan, RaviArya, Meghal
2006Meanings of tradition in contemporary Islamic spaces.Joshi, RajviArya, Meghal
2011Natural light and its manifestation in space : understanding the role of architectural elements in imparting it.Amin, RadhikaArya, Meghal
2020Nine square grid - a diagram of formal organizationRoy, SanjanaArya, Meghal
2005Polyphony of themes : locating the structure of change, focus : the walled edge, Ahmedabad, India : establishing the relation between the fort wall and urban growth in the process of change .Kunte, Keya K.Arya, Meghal
2019Re-constituting a spatial relationship between people and water : an architectural intervention for stepped ponds of northern Kerala.Shalu, M. K.Arya, Meghal
2017Reclaiming urban public open spaces through forts as a backdrop in Mumbai.Kubal, PrathameshArya, Meghal
2018Reconnecting the void back to the city : exploration case of Kotitirth lake and Shahu mill precinct.Patil, KetkiArya, Meghal
2016Reinventing school : to address the need of quality education in India.Karasolia, Vipin SinghArya, Meghal
2019Rethinking a pre-primary school design through a postmodernist lens.Chakravarthy, Nikhil K.Arya, Meghal
2012Revitalization of Sanskar Kendra, Ahmedabad.Bapat, HarshadaArya, Meghal
2005Role of physical factors in determination of house form.Modi, Chintan S.Arya, Meghal
2011Sense of place : understanding the making of a built form in Kutch region.Bhatt, JahnaviArya, Meghal
2019Sites of memory : reviving the stories and memories of Mumbai mills through architecture.Kajale, Sameer AnandaArya, Meghal
2008Study of colonial clubs as a building type .Chokshi, Shaili AshwinArya, Meghal
2012Study of Nesada : settlements in Gir.Kathiyara, Nidhi NikhilbhaiArya, Meghal
2015Study of spatial organization and typology of water wells of Nawalgarh.Khatri, Shivani BhadreshArya, Meghal
2010Study of the spatial structure of a temple town : Omkareshwar, Madhya Pradesh.Gajjar, Deven R.Arya, Meghal
2005Timeless experience : a study of recreational spaces in Indian palaces : case studies : Deeg and Jagmandir palace complexes : Rajasthan .Panchal, Ujjval H.Arya, Meghal
2010Transfomation of space as a response to ritual.Thaker, AnkitaArya, Meghal