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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
1999Strengthening of natural resources for tourism development in a Konkan coastal village : Ganpatipule.Bhagwat, ShrutiBhagwat, Prabhakar B.
2009Study of cultural landscape and its impact on socio-ecology of a region, case : Chittur, Palakkad.Divya, S. G.Bhagwat, Prabhakar B.; Maheshwari, Deepa
1999Study of dams and their resulting changes in environment : case study : Almatti Dam, Karnataka.Biradar, Nandini H.Bhagwat, Prabhakar B.; Maheshwari, Deepa
1985Study of hard landscape elements in public outdoor spaces.Cham, T. T.Bhagwat, Prabhakar B.
1997Study of landscape element water as a space in urban areas : case study river Gomti and city Lucknow.Verma, HemantBhagwat, Prabhakar B.; Maheshwari, Deepa
2011Study of movements and corridors.Shah, Parin S.Bhagwat, Prabhakar B.
2011Study of natural factor's impact on growth of towns - case : Bhandara town, Maharashtra.Sanghani, Trupti C.Bhagwat, Prabhakar B.; Maheshwari, Deepa
2009Study of natural resources &amp; augmentation of water, as a critical resource for an urban region case : Indore region, Madhya Pradesh.Shadija, Laxmi V.Bhagwat, Prabhakar B.; Maheshwari, Deepa
2007Study of natural resources and its relation to growth of the city, case study : Pune region.Madankar, AvantiBhagwat, Prabhakar B.
2009Study of natural resources for sustainable human life case : Bhangarh, Alwar district, Rajasthan.Suthar, Ramesh Kumar M.Bhagwat, Prabhakar B.; Maheshwari, Deepa
2010Study of parks in new urban areas case : residential areas.Naik, Priyal P.Bhagwat, Prabhakar B.; Maheshwari, Deepa
1999Study of Riparian zone in an urban context : case study : Krishna river, Sangli-city, Maharashtra.Hingmire, Vikram B.Bhagwat, Aniket; Bhagwat, Prabhakar B.
2011Study of role of water in landscape planning for a metropolitan city case : Visakhapatnam city.Digumarthy, SandilyaBhagwat, Prabhakar B.
1976Study of the streetscape elements .Shah, Shefali M.Bhagwat, Prabhakar B.
2011Study of wind movement through hill gaps - case : Aravalli hills, Rajasthan.Taneja, HemanshuBhagwat, Prabhakar B.; Maheshwari, Deepa
2007Sustainable management and augmentation of water as a critical natural resource for urban growth, case study : L Pune region.Dahotre, SonaliBhagwat, Prabhakar B.
2007Sustainable management of natural resources, case study : Kolli hills, Tamil Nadu.Venugopal, E.Bhagwat, Prabhakar B.
2005Sustainable management of natural resources, Jaipur region.Agrawal, PragyaBhagwat, Prabhakar B.
2009Sustainable management of water as critical natural resource in urban context, case : Jaipur urban region.Kedawat, KavitaBhagwat, Prabhakar B.; Maheshwari, Deepa
2002Sustainable management of water resource : case study : Panchaganga River Basin, Kolhapur, Southern Maharashtra.Mahajan, ManjiriBhagwat, Prabhakar B.; Naganur, Vagish S.