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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2012Determinants of land market in Jaipur city.Panwar, Narhari SinghBharati, Madhu
2011Development of a rating mechanism for real estate projects - a case of Ahmedabad.Chaudhary, Janhavi SanjayBharati, Madhu
2011Development of mill lands into real estate projects- a case of Mumbai.Kaitkar, Shweta C.Bharati, Madhu
2011Dynamics in real estate market - a case of Ahmedabad.Shah, Bhavin K.Bharati, Madhu
2012Dynamics of the hospitality industry : a case of Surat.Dholariya, MonaliBharati, Madhu
2012Factors governing role of investors in real estate market : a case of NCR - Delhi.Sharma, KaranBharati, Madhu
2011Formation of public private partnership model for rehabilitation of slums, case of Ahmedabad.Sardeshpande, AnushriBharati, Madhu
2012Impact of urban development regulations and spatial planning practices on the real estate sector.Dave, ArchieBharati, Madhu
2011Implementation and feasibility of transfer of development rights for NCT Delhi.Kapoor, ArekhBharati, Madhu
2011Land mobilisation processes in real estate and its impacts : Ahmedabad.Patel, Dhruv MahendrakumarBharati, Madhu
2012Promoting private investment in rental housing : case of Ahmedabad.Parsana, DhavalBharati, Madhu
2012Public housing performance in Chhattisgarh - .Kumar, NavinBharati, Madhu
2011Satellite town and its development - a case of Mohali.Chawla, ShvetaBharati, Madhu
2012Tourism development strategies - Mewar circuit, Rajasthan .Chauhan, VandanaBharati, Madhu