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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2010Rural community - drinking water supply and alternative management model.Khokhar, RoohmaBharti, Madhu
2016Rural housing policies and practices of Gujarat : evaluating the Gujarat rural housing practice and suggesting the focused point.Patel, PoojaBharti, Madhu
2018Senior living homes : housing for the greying India, case of Kolkata.Singh, GarimaBharti, Madhu
2016Shelter needs and finance for the rural poor : a case study of Gujarat.Patel, Tanushree HirenBharti, Madhu
2016Slum free city plan of action : a case of Shimla.Mahindroo, TanyaBharti, Madhu
2008Slum improvement strategies - a case study of Udaipur.Sancheti, ArpitBharti, Madhu
2011Social security of informal workers in garment sector - case of Ahmedabad.Pagade, Sharayu M.Bharti, Madhu
2007Spatial distribution of SEZ's and its contribution in employment generation.Soni, BasantBharti, Madhu
2013Spatio temporal analysis of housing patterns, a case of Ahmedabad city.Munshi, AshkaBharti, Madhu
2008Strategic development of three diffrent urban centers along the national highway NH44 in Tripura.Bhattacharya, TanushreeBharti, Madhu
2006Strategic recommendations for the development of urban fringe villages : a case study of Vadodara.Rathva, Sanjay ChandubhaiBharti, Madhu
2005Strategies for city development : a case study of Nasik.Nasikakar, Abhishek P.Bharti, Madhu
2007Strategies for enhansing housing stock; a case of Indore city.Govindjiwala, NitikaBharti, Madhu
2007Strategies for improving living environment in inner cities : a case study of Ludhiana.Vij, ShavetaBharti, Madhu
2007Strategies to identify location and format for retail shopping malls.Anil, SwapnilBharti, Madhu
2006Strategies to increase housing stock : a case study of Western Ahmadabad.Bhatt, Anushrav ChetanBharti, Madhu
2014Study of microfinance models in housing the urban poor.Pedaakotla, SivapriyaBharti, Madhu
2017Study of residential mobility patterns in an urban setting : case of Ahmedabad walled city.Sen, MonjimaBharti, Madhu
2015Study of urban vacant land and land policies.Pandya, PiyushBharti, Madhu
2013Study of women street vendors in Bangalore city.Muralidhar, SowmyaBharti, Madhu