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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2004Open-endedness : an inquiry into its manifestation in architecture : Fatehpur Sikri.Agrawal, SejalChhaya, Neelkanth H.
1996Openings : a study of their architectural significance and their role as character motifs.Vyas, KananshreeChhaya, Neelkanth H.
2008Organic urbanism - a case of Patna.SankalpaChhaya, Neelkanth H.
1996Originality in architecture : from conception to realization of a built form.Ruparelia, Bhavesh D.Chhaya, Neelkanth H.
1996Out of the normative deviance in architecture.Jain, DevyaniChhaya, Neelkanth H.
2000Perceptual and the experiential : an exploration along their two polarities : a spatial analysis of two temple complexes.Jose, T. SujitChhaya, Neelkanth H.
2005Pervasive / Elusive : understanding the multiple spatializations of the railway as an infrastructural system .Joshi, NiraliChhaya, Neelkanth H.
1990Physical and associational qualities of landmarks in the Indian context.Murugananadan, S.Chhaya, Neelkanth H.
2005Plants in Indian place making : case study : Chandod : a pilgrimage place .Mithaiwala, Maitri D.Chhaya, Neelkanth H.
1993Pondicherry : an inquiry into the phenomenon of settlement.Aneja, BinduChhaya, Neelkanth H.
1994Public realm : Bangalore.Shetty, Jaspreet KaurChhaya, Neelkanth H.
-Rambles : readings on nature, culture and architecture of a city unveiled : Ahmedabad.Raiji, Pranav B.Chhaya, Neelkanth H.
1986Re-consideration of constancy and continuity in modern architecture.Makhijani, PradeepChhaya, Neelkanth H.
2000Re-establishing the missing link : a case of Vashi, New Mumbai.Amritwar, TruptiChhaya, Neelkanth H.
2003Redefining the edge as a contextual relevance between old and new settlement case : Bharuch town.Modi, Ankur N.Chhaya, Neelkanth H.
1998Reforming the urban nucleus at Mandvi : historic core of Vadodara city.Pantham, PreetiChhaya, Neelkanth H.
2009Relationship between program and architectural form : a study of schools of architecture.Vyas, Smit YagneshChhaya, Neelkanth H.
1994Responses of builtforms to urban context.Shah, AsheshChhaya, Neelkanth H.
2001Revealing Bhuleshwar co-evolution of building image and urban systems.Sheth, RomilChhaya, Neelkanth H.
1997Revitalization of city core : Margao, Goa.Wagle, Gaurish G.Chhaya, Neelkanth H.