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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2006Revitalization of pilgrim city, Gaya .Chandra, VikashChhaya, Neelkanth H.
2003Revitalization of the esplanade Calcutta : reclaiming lost public realm.Das, KaustubhChhaya, Neelkanth H.
2000Revitalizing art and architecture : a study of Dadaism as an attitude.Raaj, BatulChhaya, Neelkanth H.
1995Rhythm : an expression of order an insight into its manifestation in Indian classical music and temple architecture.Sharma, AparnaChhaya, Neelkanth H.
1998Role of urban structure to the house form : a comparative study of towns - Mundra and Anjar, Kutch.Nanavati, PurviChhaya, Neelkanth H.
1995Sea front, a public realm, visakhapatnam.Devi, Allu RevathiChhaya, Neelkanth H.
2000Sense of belonging : the character of community space.Kashikar, VishwanathChhaya, Neelkanth H.
1998Sense of life in a traditional environment as created through its patterns : the case of the poles in Ahmedabad.Pereira, LisaChhaya, Neelkanth H.
1990Settlement and house form : Kulu Valley.Patel, NandaChhaya, Neelkanth H.
2011Settlement structure of fortified town in Kutch : a study of architecture and geographic influences.Gajjar, Dolly B.Chhaya, Neelkanth H.
1997Space of Indian cities : from an absolute to an abstract space : the case of Jaipur as the non-familiar Indian city.Ghosh, SudiptoChhaya, Neelkanth H.
2003Starkness : a process of exploration of its meaning and manifestation in Indian architecture.Sikdar, KoyelChhaya, Neelkanth H.
2001Strategies of a Maverick architecture : the case of HDEM and NOUVELAnklesaria, SaroshChhaya, Neelkanth H.
1998Structure of the narrative and architectural ideology : the contemporary Indian case.Gupta, RupaliChhaya, Neelkanth H.
1996Study of an architect's own house : from conception to manifestation, Balkrishna Doshi's residence, Ahmedabad.Dayal, DeeptiChhaya, Neelkanth H.
2014Study of changing modes of ornamentation in dwellings in Ahmedabad.Banker, NishthaChhaya, Neelkanth H.
1989Study of cubist concepts.Jolly, PoonamChhaya, Neelkanth H.
1997Study of evolution of architectural principles in the work of Charles Correa.Shah, Sagar N.Chhaya, Neelkanth H.
1993Study of Swaminarayan temple complexes in Gujarat.Gajjar, ShaileshChhaya, Neelkanth H.
2007Study of the architecture of buildings for trade and commerce in Ahmedabad in the post independence era .Shah, Khushboo PareshChhaya, Neelkanth H.