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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
-Rambles : readings on nature, culture and architecture of a city unveiled : Ahmedabad.Raiji, Pranav B.Chhaya, Neelkanth H.
1986Re-consideration of constancy and continuity in modern architecture.Makhijani, PradeepChhaya, Neelkanth H.
2000Re-establishing the missing link : a case of Vashi, New Mumbai.Amritwar, TruptiChhaya, Neelkanth H.
2003Redefining the edge as a contextual relevance between old and new settlement case : Bharuch town.Modi, Ankur N.Chhaya, Neelkanth H.
1998Reforming the urban nucleus at Mandvi : historic core of Vadodara city.Pantham, PreetiChhaya, Neelkanth H.
2009Relationship between program and architectural form : a study of schools of architecture.Vyas, Smit YagneshChhaya, Neelkanth H.
1994Responses of builtforms to urban context.Shah, AsheshChhaya, Neelkanth H.
2001Revealing Bhuleshwar co-evolution of building image and urban systems.Sheth, RomilChhaya, Neelkanth H.
1997Revitalization of city core : Margao, Goa.Wagle, Gaurish G.Chhaya, Neelkanth H.
2006Revitalization of pilgrim city, Gaya .Chandra, VikashChhaya, Neelkanth H.
2003Revitalization of the esplanade Calcutta : reclaiming lost public realm.Das, KaustubhChhaya, Neelkanth H.
2000Revitalizing art and architecture : a study of Dadaism as an attitude.Raaj, BatulChhaya, Neelkanth H.
1995Rhythm : an expression of order an insight into its manifestation in Indian classical music and temple architecture.Sharma, AparnaChhaya, Neelkanth H.
1998Role of urban structure to the house form : a comparative study of towns - Mundra and Anjar, Kutch.Nanavati, PurviChhaya, Neelkanth H.
1995Sea front, a public realm, visakhapatnam.Devi, Allu RevathiChhaya, Neelkanth H.
2000Sense of belonging : the character of community space.Kashikar, VishwanathChhaya, Neelkanth H.
1998Sense of life in a traditional environment as created through its patterns : the case of the poles in Ahmedabad.Pereira, LisaChhaya, Neelkanth H.
1990Settlement and house form : Kulu Valley.Patel, NandaChhaya, Neelkanth H.
2011Settlement structure of fortified town in Kutch : a study of architecture and geographic influences.Gajjar, Dolly B.Chhaya, Neelkanth H.
1997Space of Indian cities : from an absolute to an abstract space : the case of Jaipur as the non-familiar Indian city.Ghosh, SudiptoChhaya, Neelkanth H.