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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2021A case study on thermal performance in residences with laterite stone climate and rammed earth materials in warm and humidUma, P.Damle, Rashmin
2019Analysis of flow patterns using water-table apparatus by varying the model scale.Chawan, Vijay KumarDamle, Rashmin
2018Energy use prediction of buildings with different methods of calculating SHGC of shaded windows.Dhonde, KurvaDamle, Rashmin
2019Estimating air leakage for star rated hotels in Ahmedabad using blower method.Debnath, AnkitDamle, Rashmin
2020Estimating the effect of air infiltration rate on RETV values: on-site measurements and energy simulationsMathur, Utkarsh (PT501317)Damle, Rashmin
2022Evaluating Air Infiltration rates for residential apartments in Ahmedabad and its effect on thermal transmittance value of the building envelope: Onsite measurements and energy simulationSachinDamle, Rashmin
2021Evaluating the effect of ceiling diffusers on airflow patterns in an Evaluating the effect of ceiling diffusers on airflow patterns in an office space to achieve effective air distributionShanbhag, Sejal SanjayDamle, Rashmin
2020Evaluating the scope of energy reduction by cooling the office spaces using low energy cooling systemsSolanki, Shubham (PG180982)SMH, Adil; Damle, Rashmin
2018Experimental investigation of the terracotta tubes based direct evaporative cooling system.Priyadarshi, SahilDamle, Rashmin
2023Experimental investigation on the hygrothermal environment of spaces built with mortar and plaster layers of lime and cementSingh, AyushiDamle, Rashmin
2021Hygrothermal performance of lime and cement plasterKhatri, NikitaDamle, Rashmin
2022Hygrothermal performance of lime and cement plastered space at five climate zones in IndiaDivya MullickDamle, Rashmin
2020Hygrothermal performance of lime plastered naturally ventilated spacesParalkar, Vismaya (PG181207)Damle, Rashmin
2017Impact of surface modulation on solar heat gain : a numerical method to evaluate performance of brickwork.Gargi, PriyamwadaDamle, Rashmin; Rawal, Rajan
2018Quantification of airflow patterns in a naturally ventilated building simulated in water table apparatus .Mundhe, PoojaDamle, Rashmin
2020Spatial & temporal thermal maps for naturally ventilated indoor spacesSoi, Vardan (PG181168)Puchalapalli, Swati; Damle, Rashmin
2018Technical potential of integrating evaporative cooling system with mechanical cooling system in hot and dry climate for day use office building in India.Patel, Bipinchandra K.Apte, Michael; Damle, Rashmin
2017Tool to design shading devices for planar and NURBS form.Ramprasath, K.Damle, Rashmin; Mahadevwala, Jwalant
2021Upgrading RETV as a retrofit solution through uncertainty analysis and its economic assessment on existing residential units across IndiaShah, UrviDamle, Rashmin