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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2017Study of mosques of Ahmedabad : in context to physical approch,presant surrounding and protection.Upadhyay, KomalDesai, Jigna
2016Study of new development plan of Ahmedabad : identifying the gap between vision of sustainability and possibility of implementation.Shah, PoojanDesai, Jigna
2012Study of Paithan.Patil, Tanvi G.Vasavada, Ravindra J.; Desai, Jigna
2017Study of socio physical continuity within the walled city of Ahmedabad : a conservation conversation.Jain, TanviDesai, Jigna
2015Study of the domestic architecture of Rander.Mistry, AjayDesai, Jigna
2016Study of the game boards of Vijayanagara : personalization of the temples of Hampi.Baindur, ShreyasDesai, Jigna
2014Study of the influences on the surface ornamentation in the diwankhanas of the havelis of Bikaner.Gupta, KanikaDesai, Jigna
2020Stylistic evolution of temples in Polo forestJoshi, Alhad ShridharDesai, Jigna
2014Sustainable approach for urban revival and renewal - Fudham, Diu.Pandala, Tara EugineDesai, Jigna
2013Thermal evaluation of walls, roofs and sun-shades in the composite climatic zone : a case of New Delhi.Krishan, AkankshaDesai, Jigna
2013Thermal evaluation of walls, roofs and sun-shades in the hot and dry climatic zone : a case of Ahmedabad, Gujarat.George, SarahDesai, Jigna
2013Thermal evaluation of walls, roofs and sun-shades in the temperate climate zone a case of Pune, Maharashtra.Agarwal, AditiDesai, Jigna
2012Thermal performance in residential building through orientation in hot and dry climate.Mehta, BhavikDesai, Jigna
2020Tourism management policies for the Polo forestJain, ShreyaDesai, Jigna
2014Traditional house forms and their response to changes in resource usage and lifestyle - a case of old city of Hyderabad.Jammu, DivyaDesai, Jigna
2014Transformation in the resource pattern due to the Pushkar fair, Rajasthan.Raka, NainaDesai, Jigna
2017Understanding the Built Environments of Surat through their territorial order.Dalal, NiketDesai, Jigna
2014Understanding the processes of transformation in parts of an Indian city : a case study of Bandra village houses, in context of Mumbai city.Panchal, KarishmaDesai, Jigna
2013Understanding the settlement through the evolution of Jain temples : Khambhat town.Gandhi, Shaily MohitbhaiDesai, Jigna
2014Understanding the transformation in houseform due to industrialisation a study of old town of Sihor.Bhatt, MrinalDesai, Jigna