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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2015Banganga tank - conservation of its cultural significance.Bhoir, Namrata ManoharDesai, Jigna
2013Change in the process of construction of a vernacular settlement : a case of Banni.Gor, Avni BakulDesai, Jigna
2014Changing modes of preserving sacred groves - cases of Ajeevali and Takpowale groves, Pune district, Maharastra.Potdar, ShwetaDesai, Jigna
2015Chapels in Panaji, Goa, and guidelines for conservation.Silveira, Carissa EricaDesai, Jigna; Nachinolkar, Ketak
2016Conservation -based development model for historic cities : concept of nation main streets program,U S A on Indian context with case ofAhmedabad old city.Zinzuvadia, UrmiDesai, Jigna
2012Conservation of river edge : ghats of Wai Maharashtra.Gadkari, MayuraDesai, Jigna; Vasavada, Ravindra J.
2015Conserving an ethnic identity through built from of Agraharam fort area ,Trivandrum.Ravindran, NidhiDesai, Jigna; Pandala, Eugine
2016Conserving the cultural heritage of delwara : following the people -centred approach.Bisht, ShailjaDesai, Jigna
2012Continuity of indigenous knowledge and traditions - village sheel, Himachal Pradesh.Sharma, SaumyaDesai, Jigna; Vasavada, Ravindra J.
2018Creating interface between planning processes and conservation processes using urban design as a tool.Kulkarni, BhagyashriDesai, Jigna
2012Cultural landscapes of Varkari cult : case of Alandi.Haridasan, HareeshVasavada, Ravindra J.; Desai, Jigna
2017Deconstructing HRIDAY yojana : an inclusive agenda, case of Banaras.Narayanan, PrasanthDesai, Jigna; Joshi, Rutul
2012Demonstration of an approach to develop urban voids, towards urban regeneration, case : Ahmedabad old core.Karode, Neha SanjeevDesai, Jigna
2015Design strategies for Inclusive street vending : case of Jamalpur market, Ahmedabad.Deshpande, PoorvaDesai, Jigna
2015Design strategies for inclusive street vending- Teen Darwaza market, Ahmedabad.Desai, Ami ChetanbhaiDesai, Jigna
2017Enquiry : HRIDAY scheme through the lens of a sense of place.Fatma, SanaDesai, Jigna; Joshi, Rutul
2017Enquiry into HRIDAY schemes approach towards conservation of water heritage at Ajmer.Pandey, AradhanaDesai, Jigna
2017Establishing an active dialogue between new urbanity and historic precincts through planning and design.Khan, SabrinaDesai, Jigna
2014Evolution of maratha wadas: studying the effects of security and privacy in architectural form.Parmar, AnjaniDesai, Jigna
2017Exploration of public opinion and engagement on government schemes : aids to better implementation and management.Saini, SugamDesai, Jigna; Joshi, Rutul