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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2000Eighteen hundred thirty eight - Ninteen hundred ninty eight : constancy and change within the Muslim houseform : Varkund, Daman.Afzal, MohammedDesai, Miki
1988Elements that constitute Sarkhej complex, Gujarat : a study towards conservation.Kadam, RajivDesai, Miki
2014Emerging directions of sustainable architecture practices in Kerala.Sainath, Vishnu V.Desai, Miki
1988Evaluation criteria used in the assessment of buildings for their conservation.Mani, DevyaniDesai, Miki
2006Exposed brick masonry : influence of a material on architecture .Shah, JigarDesai, Miki
2006Exposed reinforced concrete as a medium of architectural expression : a study of contemporary buildings in AhmedabadDoshi, Purav S.Desai, Miki
1997Generators and determinants of town planning : Gondal state 1865 A.D.-1944 A.D.Shah, ParthDesai, Miki
1988Human aspects of open public spaces : a case study of Ahmedabad.Patel, Jivan M.Desai, Miki
2012Inquiry into the making of the Central library, Baroda : from its historical and architectural background.Gajjar, PranavDesai, Miki
2001Integrating new buildings within historic urban environs : issues and attitudes.Macwan, BhavnaDesai, Miki
2004Learning from inserts in traditional urban fabric : Ahmedabad .Mansuri, ImranDesai, Miki
2009Nationalism and architecture : understanding a connection between architecture and nationalism in India.Patel, Dhara A.Desai, Miki
2006Polyvalence in the traditional dewelling : an enquiry into the adaptability of the Pol house, Ahmedabad .Suri, SagarikaDesai, Miki
2004Proportioning system as an ordering principle : an inquiry into the works of architect Anant D Raje.Ruparel, MehulDesai, Miki
2014Residential types and peoples attitude towards solid waste management - case Ahmedabad.Singh, Jaspreet K.Desai, Miki
2015Rise of a tradition : tracing syncretism in the architecture of robert fellowes chisholm.Joseph, Tintu JessyDesai, Miki
2000Search for organic expression in architecture : an inquiry into the works of Frank Lloyd Wright and Bruce Goff.Panchal, SejalDesai, Miki
1996sense of life' in ornamented form an interpretative study in the perception of the Hindu temple.Sheth, ManishaDesai, Miki
-Socio-Cultural aspects and change in the tamil brahman house form a study of the houses in the temple town of Srirangam between 1900-2000.Kumar, Archana S.Desai, Miki
2008Socio-cultural manifestation of kuttichira mappila muslim houses : Calicut, Kerala.Hameed, Bhavana FatimDesai, Miki