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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
-Evaluation of industrial township case study : Gujarat State Fertilizer Corporation and Indian Farmers Fertilizer Corporation.Kalianivala, ZarirDoshi, B. V.; Narayanan, E.
1972Evolution and principles of furniture design in India.Shah, Kalpana S.Doshi, B. V.
1972Growth and architectural form.Khadpekar, Vivek S.Doshi, B. V.; Parikh, V. R.
1988Hindu influence on Islamic architecture of Gujarat : 1000 AD - 1500 AD.Talati, DevalChauhan, Muktirajsinhji N.; Doshi, B. V.
1974Housecore prefabrication.Shodhan, Mona C.Doshi, B. V.
1980Migrant sqatters and its quality in urban environments.Shah, SnehalDoshi, B. V.
1979Non-planned services in Ahmedabad.Shah, Pankaj B.Doshi, B. V.; Nair, Narayanan E.
1982Profiles of built forms : a case study of Nasik houses.Patel, LaxmanDoshi, B. V.
1977Rural settlements with special emphasis on indoor and outdoor spaces : a case study in Kashmir.Trichal, OmprakashDoshi, B. V.; Vishwanath, B. N.
1969Settlement study.Anandjiwala, KrishnaDoshi, B. V.
1970Study in the methodology of design as described in the ancient Indian texts on architecture : dwelling houses.Shastri, Shyamsunder K.Doshi, B. V.
1987Study of an educational campus.Patel, Ajaykumar C.Doshi, B. V.; Kanvinde, A. P.
1978Study of house form in Isfahan .Aghelizadeh, AtaollahDoshi, B. V.
1984Study of Le-Corbusier's domestic architecture : case study Shodhan and Sarabhai Villas, Ahmedabad, India.Puri, RajinderDoshi, B. V.
1970Study of standardized elements and their specific uses in developing the characteristics of the houses within the fort-wall of Ahmedabad.Shah, Jagdish K.Bhatt, Panubhai N.; Doshi, B. V.
1970Traffic and traffic patterns in the city : Ahmedabad.Kadakia, Ravindra S.Doshi, B. V.
1968Village study, study of rural planning to establish village centre - Pt-1 .Shah, Gita ChandulalDoshi, B. V.