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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2020Context and challenges of informal land and housing development in the periphery of Ahmedabad : case of Fatehwadi in JuhapuraRampal, IshitaDubey, Vishal
2016Delimiting urban sphere of influence : a case of Vijaywada city.Rachapudi, Lakshmi SahityaDubey, Vishal
2014Development of urban fringes : a case of Ghuma village.Kankaria, PriyankaDubey, Vishal
2010Development strategies for the Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh.Chowdhary, AnkurDubey, Vishal
2015Dimensions of poverty in metropolitan : a case of Ahmedabd.Mazumdar, Amit kumarDubey, Vishal
2018Emerging socio-economic consequences of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in Sonitpur district, Assam.Nath, NamrataaDubey, Vishal
2011Evolution and growth dynamics of rural urban fringe zone : case study of Ahmedabad urban agglomeration.Patel, Mittal GordhanbhaiDubey, Vishal
2012Facets of an upcoming urban industrial hub : a case study of Gurgaon-Manesar.Singh, Raman KumarDubey, Vishal
2016Genesis of diverse livelihood spaces : a case study of periurban locality in Macchunagar.Bajpai, RimjhimDubey, Vishal
2018Impact and challenges of impromptu schemes on the informal economy, case of Dashashwamedh ghat and Gadowlia Chowk, Varanasi.Priyadarshini, PoorvaDubey, Vishal
-Impact assessment of street vendors relocation : a case study of Mansi market, Ahmedabad.Bhatia, MannatDubey, Vishal
2018Impact of industrial model township in its adjoning areas : case of Manesar, Gurugram.Singh, MansiDubey, Vishal
2015Impacts of artificial land consumption limits on housing prices : case of Mumbai.Abraham, Kevin GeorgeDubey, Vishal
2020Implications of disturbed areas act on land and housing market in disturbed areas and its surroundingsBlessy, Maria JohnDubey, Vishal
2017Inner city renewal : a case of old Delhi.Singh, RichaDubey, Vishal
2019Issues and challenges of unauthorised development : a case of Delhi's unauthorised colonies .Darshana, AnushreeDubey, Vishal
2013Measuring the impact of eviction of street hawkers : a case of Kolkata.Chakrabarti, AnuradhaDubey, Vishal
2019Model of private owned development? : a case of Juhapura, Ahmedabad.Sheikh, MuzamilDubey, Vishal
2013Perspective and transformation of a village into a satellite town : a case of Kukas, Jaipur.Parashar, ApoorvaDubey, Vishal
2012Perspectives on industrial labour concerns of Aurangabad.Ghosh, Poulomee ADubey, Vishal