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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2013Measuring the impact of eviction of street hawkers : a case of Kolkata.Chakrabarti, AnuradhaDubey, Vishal
2019Model of private owned development? : a case of Juhapura, Ahmedabad.Sheikh, MuzamilDubey, Vishal
2013Perspective and transformation of a village into a satellite town : a case of Kukas, Jaipur.Parashar, ApoorvaDubey, Vishal
2012Perspectives on industrial labour concerns of Aurangabad.Ghosh, Poulomee ADubey, Vishal
2017Role and significance of networks and external agency intervention in mobilization of the urban poor : a case study of women construction workers.Shah, Manali NimeshDubey, Vishal
2014Satellite town and its gradual merger with the mother city-case study salt lake city, Kolkata.Podder, ArpitaDubey, Vishal
2017Socio economic condition of informal labourers in organised manufacturing sector : a case of NIDC, Lambha.Lathia, MiloniDubey, Vishal
2015Strategy for conservation of public open spaces : a case of Vatva, Ahmedabad.Sen, ArnabDubey, Vishal
2016Study of informal market along the educational area : a case of Ahmedabad .Gajjar, Jeel AnilbhaiDubey, Vishal
2015Sustainable urban regeneration : case of walled city of Ahmedabad.Mukherjee, PreronaDubey, Vishal
2017Technological impact on deserts of Jaisalmer.Goyal, SaloniDubey, Vishal
2018Transformation of colonial cities : a case of Allahabad.Gupta, AkankshaDubey, Vishal
2016Understanding daily urban life in a settlement within a settlement : a case study of Ahmedabad city railwayline squatter settlement.Prajapati, Harsh ManubhaiDubey, Vishal
2018Understanding the issues at periurban settlement : a case of Indiranagar.Koul, ShubhamDubey, Vishal