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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2011Adaptation to climate change in energy sector : a case of Thane city.Asapur, Sagar ChidanandGoswami, Subhrangshu
2018Assessing the efficiency, sustainability and opportunity cost of sewage treatment in East Kolkata Wetland.Dasgupta, DebarsheeGoswami, Subhrangshu
2015Assessing the state of landuse impacts in the EIA process : case of highway projects.Nanduri, PrashantiGoswami, Subhrangshu
2016Challenges faced by municipalities of India in achieving service level benchmarks for solid waste management.Kruthiventi, AmrutaGoswami, Subhrangshu
2015Challenges of municipal solid waste management in hill towns : case of Pahalgam J & K.Bashir, SubzarGoswami, Subhrangshu
2022Climate Resilience in Cities of Gujarat: Review of the perception, aspirations, and the actionsSen, PriyankaGoswami, Subhrangshu
2012Conflict between urbanization and biodiversity conservation : case of proposed BDP in Pune city.Faquih, MuseebGoswami, Subhrangshu
2015Dynamics of domestic water supply : case of Kozhikode taluka, Kerala.Senia, P VGoswami, Subhrangshu
2018Emerging challenges in managing urban lakes : case study of Bengaluru.Nisarga K.Goswami, Subhrangshu
2015Emerging challenges in urban flooding : case of Guwahati city.Choudhury, TubaiGoswami, Subhrangshu
2010Energy conservation options for a city : a case study of Modasa.Patel, Arpitkumar M.Goswami, Subhrangshu; Roy, Anil kumar
2011Estimation of emissions from municipal solid waste through life cycle apprach : case of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation.Garg, ShikhaBhargava, Akshey; Goswami, Subhrangshu
2016Exploring the parameters responsible for efficient solid waste collection system : case of Pune city.Gogate, Alok ShirishGoswami, Subhrangshu
2015Exploring the potential of decentralized sewage treatment : case of Ahmedabad.Ghosh,SaptarshiGoswami, Subhrangshu
2019Exploring the potentials of ICT in efficient service delivery : case of solid waste management in Ahmedabad city.Gunjan, TanyaGoswami, Subhrangshu
2016Issues and challenges in conservation of biosphere reserve-case of relocated villages in Satpura tiger reserve.Dixit, PalakGoswami, Subhrangshu
2018Issues and challenges in measuring the service levels and improving the service delivery : a case of solid waste management in the cities of Gujarat.Gohil, VaidehiGoswami, Subhrangshu
2018Issues and challenges in measuring the service levels and improving the service delivery.Maniar, Smeet MukeshGoswami, Subhrangshu
2019Issues and challenges in private sector participation in solid waste management : case of gate to dump system in Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation.Dhruv, Darshil ManishkumarGoswami, Subhrangshu
2019Physical characteristics of settlement type as a determinant of service determinant of service delivery : case of solid waste management of Ahmedabad city.Saraswat, MalvikaGoswami, Subhrangshu