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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2008Determinants of implementation of environmental considerations in a road project - a case of Rajasthan state.Jindel, JaishreeIyer, Mona
2007Determinants of implementation of mine closure plans : Iron Ore Mines, Goa.Reddy, Laxmi Srinivas Y.Iyer, Mona; Parthasarathy, R.
2017Diagnostic framework for comprehensive sanitation provisioning in small and medium towns of Gujarat from the learnings of Bhuj.Popat, NikitaIyer, Mona
2016E-waste management : performance assessment of authorized recycling facilities in Gujarat state.Bhatt, DivyanshuIyer, Mona
2011Economic regulation of airports : critical review of AERA.Singh, ArunAdhvaryu, Bhargav; Iyer, Mona
2019Electrical energy consumption in municipal services : assessment of factors effecting energy demand for water supply services.Chouhan, ShivaniIyer, Mona
2019Electricity consumption in municipal services : relationship with the urban form.Vaish, ShellyIyer, Mona
2020Energy efficiency in municipal services : assessment of city level fuel consumption in municipal solid waste managementBhattacharyya, SnehaIyer, Mona; Rawal, Rajan
2020Energy efficiency in municipal services: assessment of building level energy consumption in water servicesPatel, Palak SureshkumarIyer, Mona; Rawal, Rajan
2021Energy efficiency in municipal services: assessment of city level energy consumption in storm water management (Ahmedabad)Sharma, SakshiIyer, Mona
2021Energy efficiency in municipal services: assessment of city level energy consumption in wastewater management (Ahmedabad)Thakur, SrushtiIyer, Mona
2008Evolving a competitive electricity market for Gujarat : issues and opportunities.Desai, Pratixa A.Bajaj, K. K.; Iyer, Mona
2009Examining role and influence of PPP in rail based freight movement in India.Soni, ParthivDuggal, H. S.; Iyer, Mona
2009Factors affecting non aeronautical sources of revenue with focus on brownfield airport privatization.Sahni, SakshiIyer, Mona; Raghuram, G.
2019Faecal sludge and septage management : experiences in urban India .Swarup, SupriyaIyer, Mona
2011Framework for comparative assessment of high speed rail and air transportation.Vaidya, Parth DhinendraIyer, Mona; Adhvaryu, Bhargav
2014From Bhooj to Bhuj: rise and fall of water resource management system.Raman, KartikIyer, Mona
2012Groundwater governance- Gujarat.Yadav, UpasanaIyer, Mona
2006ICD as a logistics service provider : concerns and prospects.Rishi, DeepIyer, Mona; Raghuram, G.
2009Identify and examine factors affecting financial performance of loss making airports.Pandey, RishabhIyer, Mona; Raghuram, G.