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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
1983Havelis : a study of Jaipur.Jain, Yashwant RaiJain, Kulbhushan B.
1981Hierarchy of spaces : Amber Palace Complex .Modi, Pankaj N.Jain, Kulbhushan B.
1981Hierarchy of spaces : Amber Palace Complex.Sheth, DilipJain, Kulbhushan B.
1979Horizontal as a constituent element in Architecture.Massand, Mahesh G.Jain, Kulbhushan B.
1971House form.Shah, Yogesh Y.Jain, Kulbhushan B.
2014Human consequence of space : comprehending spatial quality through socio-spatial interactions and relationships.Jacob, Abraham PanaklalJain, Kulbhushan B.; Shah, Snehal
2012Humanist values in contemporary age.Soni, HimanshuJain, Kulbhushan B.
2013Hybrid facades : an inquiry into the role of facades of mixed-use buildings in inducing 'life' on to the streets.Nair, NehaJain, Kulbhushan B.; Shah, Snehal
1986Impact of building bye-laws and zoning regulations in urban development : a case study of development of Asgran-road and Arvind-road.Patel, P. S.Jain, Kulbhushan B.
1976Impact of houseform and streetform on the overall city form : a case study of Jodhpur city .Taraporewala, B. K.Jain, Kulbhushan B.
1981Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad : a study of architecture.Kumar, MeetaJain, Kulbhushan B.
1977Individual houses of Ahmedabad : last decade 1968-76.Chhatpar, ShailiniJain, Kulbhushan B.
1983Indo-Islamic architecture of Gujarat : with special reference to regional influences.Modi, Himanshu J.Jain, Kulbhushan B.
2014Insight into the architectural works of didi contractor.Dhingra, KritiJain, Kulbhushan B.; Shah, Snehal
2013Installations - a tool for architectural explorations.Girish V.Jain, Kulbhushan B.; Shah, Snehal
1993Internal external inter phase in building environment : with a particular study of Mughal architecture.Shah, RenitaJain, Kulbhushan B.
2011Language analogy and architectural communication .Gaur, TusharJain, Kulbhushan B.
1984Le Corbusier : towards a synthesis.Bakeri, AchalJain, Kulbhushan B.
2005Less is more'-interpreting into urban design : minimalism as an approach to achieve a flexible environment case : Mount Abu.Chatterjee, SanjadhiJain, Kulbhushan B.
2011Making of a place .Kulkarni, Mrunalini R.Jain, Kulbhushan B.