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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2011Making of a place .Kulkarni, Mrunalini R.Jain, Kulbhushan B.
2002Making of an image : works of Frank O Gehry.Jambusaria, PayalJain, Kulbhushan B.
1993Mangalore : revitalisation of Bunder Area.Pais, Nelson Joe VijaiJain, Kulbhushan B.
1991Manifestation of a transitional space : a study of its changing nature in domestic architecture.Bhimani, ShefaliJain, Kulbhushan B.
1991Manifestation of pluralistic values in architecture : an inquiry.George, KurianJain, Kulbhushan B.
1994Market place : a study of the changing trends in its spatial patterns.Patel, SeemaJain, Kulbhushan B.
1972Materials and house form .Patel, N. B.Jain, Kulbhushan B.; Shah, C. B.
1977Materials construction techniques and dwelling form : Ahmedabad city.Mehta, Rajan B.Jain, Kulbhushan B.
1989Metamorphosis : a study of the transformation in the dwelling environment of an ethnic community.Shah, Kush C.Jain, Kulbhushan B.
2004Mixed land use : from revival to innovation case : the city of Delhi : a demonstrative approach .Kumar, SuruchiJain, Kulbhushan B.
1978Morphology of a secred settlements : a case study Nathdwara .Patel, Ramesh R.Jain, Kulbhushan B.
1984Mosque : form, structure and regional influences.Hosseini, Mohammed Reza ShahJain, Kulbhushan B.
1978Mosque as a civic institution in islamic architecture.Ringwala, Ajay B.Jain, Kulbhushan B.
1976Multiplicity of values in city spaces .Pandya, Kiran C.Jain, Kulbhushan B.; Varkey, Kurula
1995New civic centre : Porbandar : re-interpretation of civil centre.Desai, NeerjaJain, Kulbhushan B.
2013Nineteen sixtys radical theories and design in architecture : an inquiry into the socio-cultural revolution and the changes in the face of architecture - the case of 'TEAM ten'.Sharad, ChaitraJain, Kulbhushan B.; Shah, Snehal
1976Organizational patterns : social and physical.Shah, Kalpana H.Jain, Kulbhushan B.
1976Organizational principles in Islamic complexes in India.Parikh, PragneshJain, Kulbhushan B.
1991Organizing principles of space making : a study of Nagaur Fort Complex.Sharma, NirupamaJain, Kulbhushan B.
1976Palace complex .Shukla, Kartik Y.Jain, Kulbhushan B.