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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2013Reciprocity between architecture and painting .Patel, BhaumikJain, Kulbhushan B.; Shah, Snehal
1981Recreational urban open spaces.Joshi, SharadbalaJain, Kulbhushan B.
1976Rehabilitation of villages in major irrigation projects.Mehta, Daksha V.Jain, Kulbhushan B.
2014Representation of the character : addressing the changing scenario of Wai.Sudame, Chinmay ShekharJain, Kulbhushan B.; Shah, Snehal
1989Residential open spaces : a study of Muslim residential areas in hot climatic region.Saeed, Zaki J.Jain, Kulbhushan B.; Jain, Minakshi K.
1978Restructuring of squatter settlements in Ahmedabad : guidelines for the provision of utilities.Patel, Parul N.Jain, Kulbhushan B.
1978Restructuring squatter settlements : the city of Ahmedabad.Yagnik, Vijay M.Jain, Kulbhushan B.
2012Reuse and recyle of material : design of recreation centre for labours at Alang ship breaking yard.Janbandhu, SharmishthaJain, Kulbhushan B.
1993Revitalisation : an ecological attitude Khan river and environs, Indore.Kamal, Shere BanoJain, Kulbhushan B.
1979Rural housing : a symbol of socio-economic reality.Sen, Bhaskar KumarJain, Kulbhushan B.
1980Rural housing in Gujarat : last five years.Patel, Hasmukh N.Jain, Kulbhushan B.
1970Rural pockets in the urban structure : Ahmedabad.Chhaya,Trilochan M.Jain, Kulbhushan B.
1975Scaling and proportioning aspects.Singh, GurudevJain, Kulbhushan B.
2014Search of architectural recognition : the study of the house form of urban elite in North Calcutta developed during the British colonial era of 19th century.Dasgupta, SourishJain, Kulbhushan B.; Shah, Snehal
1989Sense of place in traditional dwelling environment.Kanekar, AaratiJain, Kulbhushan B.
2001Significant dimentions of an urban element : multivalent readings reflected in the suggestive redundancy of the city wall of Jaipur.Pande, AkankshaJain, Kulbhushan B.
1977Situation and response in architecture : case study of Kathmandu Valley : Nepal.Shah, Vipool M.Jain, Kulbhushan B.
2004Softer core : sacred spaces softer core and their changing dynamics, Triplicane, Chennai, Tamilnadu .Mangaiyarkarasi, G.Jain, Kulbhushan B.
1976Space and its use in traditional and contemporary dwellings : case study Ahmedabad.Sharma, Diwakar N.Jain, Kulbhushan B.
1976Spaces and elements of transition.Mehta, Kamal M.Jain, Kulbhushan B.