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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
1975Scaling and proportioning aspects.Singh, GurudevJain, Kulbhushan B.
2014Search of architectural recognition : the study of the house form of urban elite in North Calcutta developed during the British colonial era of 19th century.Dasgupta, SourishJain, Kulbhushan B.; Shah, Snehal
1989Sense of place in traditional dwelling environment.Kanekar, AaratiJain, Kulbhushan B.
2001Significant dimentions of an urban element : multivalent readings reflected in the suggestive redundancy of the city wall of Jaipur.Pande, AkankshaJain, Kulbhushan B.
1977Situation and response in architecture : case study of Kathmandu Valley : Nepal.Shah, Vipool M.Jain, Kulbhushan B.
2004Softer core : sacred spaces softer core and their changing dynamics, Triplicane, Chennai, Tamilnadu .Mangaiyarkarasi, G.Jain, Kulbhushan B.
1976Space and its use in traditional and contemporary dwellings : case study Ahmedabad.Sharma, Diwakar N.Jain, Kulbhushan B.
1976Spaces and elements of transition.Mehta, Kamal M.Jain, Kulbhushan B.
2013Spatio - temporal transition in a public space case of Mahatma Gandhi road, Bengaluru.Adithi, B. S.Jain, Kulbhushan B.; Shah, Snehal
1975Street form.Modi, Narendra K.Jain, Kulbhushan B.
1982Structural elements of an Indian medieval city : Vijayanagara.Patel, Yamini R.Jain, Kulbhushan B.
2013Study into the spatial structure of the 'self generated layer' of streets case of Mumbai, capital city of Maharashtra.Master, FatemaJain, Kulbhushan B.; Shah, Snehal
1976Study of approaches of Islamic religious and mortuary complexes in Ahmedabad.Pandya, Jagruti K.Jain, Kulbhushan B.
1976Study of building technology and structural systems of mosques.Shah, Pankaj ThakersyJain, Kulbhushan B.
1977Study of dwellings of hill settlement : Nilgiri hills.Mehta, Dipesh L.Jain, Kulbhushan B.
1977Study of hill settlements : dwellings of Kumaon.Chandra, SubhashJain, Kulbhushan B.
1977Study of hill settlements : Settlements of Kumaon.Patankar, ShrishJain, Kulbhushan B.
1993Study of housing clusters in Valsad region.Dighe, AtulJain, Kulbhushan B.
1976Study of man-made, outdoor, urban environment.Mehta, Vidhin BhupatrayJain, Kulbhushan B.
2014Study of Meghanada mandapa in the adinatha temple, Ranakpur : role, conception and evolution.Butala, Divya M.Jain, Kulbhushan B.; Shah, Snehal