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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2014People centric urbanism : bicycling case Bhubaneshwar.Swastic, B. K.Kadam, Rajiv
2012Physiography and its influence on house form : comparative study of house form in Gujarat.Vyas, RajivKadam, Rajiv
2017Place making : looking through the lens of urban design.Maharana, ChinmayaKadam, Rajiv
2016Privacy in public places a study of public display of affection in Ahmedabad.Parmar, Maulik D.Kadam, Rajiv
2011Pushkar : evolution, settlement pattern, and elements of sacred town.Suthar, DhavalKadam, Rajiv
2016Re-envisioning natural water systems as a network of public spaces : case of Nullah systems of Pune.Bhat, AmulyaKadam, Rajiv
2016Re-imagining a city through the lens of kinetic landscapes : case of Dadar-Mumbai.Patkar, PrathameshKadam, Rajiv
2010Recomposing movement systems : a case of J J flyover Mumbai.Dwijomala, HanjabamKadam, Rajiv
2014Redeveloping the idea of company township case : tata motors colony, Jamshedpur.Dwaipayan, AichKadam, Rajiv
2019Redevelopment of pankha road Dabri, New Delhi.Rawat, SumitKadam, Rajiv
2018Redevelopment of town centre for a small town : Narkhed, Maharashtra.Dhote, Sunita P.Kadam, Rajiv
2011Region based urbanism : an integrated eco-cultural urban development perspective : case of bioregion-kumarakom, Kerala.Surekha, K.C.Kadam, Rajiv
2016Reimaginng the public realm in the heritage zone of Bodhgaya.Raje, Khushboo SmritiKadam, Rajiv
2009Reinterpreting the contemporaneous in the Indian context : comparative analysis of the civic building by Raj Rewal and Charles Correa.Herma, SiddharthKadam, Rajiv
1996Rerooting the religious core in the city : Amritsar.Dua, SandeepKadam, Rajiv
2018Restructuring the urban experience through construction of pauses.Kothavle, GauriKadam, Rajiv
2014Retracing the traditional urban system in a historic town centre case : palace precinct, Phaltan, Maharashtra.Shinde, AsawariKadam, Rajiv
2016Revitalization of Ernakulam market canal and its precincts.Raphael, NelvinKadam, Rajiv
2010Revitalization on Sitabuldi area, Nagpur.Kamble, Milind AshokKadam, Rajiv
2018Riverfront development of Jia Pota Ghat Jammu.Dhar, AnujKadam, Rajiv