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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2019Consolidated common spaces in high rise mass housing.Tamakuwala, DhariniKashikar, Vishwanath
2011Constants and variants in architecture .Gangwal, DeepthiKashikar, Vishwanath
2011Embodied and operational energy assessment of alternative walling materials for multi-storey buildings in Ahmedabad : an approach towards low energy buildings in a lifecycle.Sonagara, NiravKashikar, Vishwanath
2016Evaluating and exploring 'flexibility'as a phenomena in standardized multi-storey housing-a case study on residential requirements for IT and financial services employees in Bangalore.Karadi, ChaitraKashikar, Vishwanath
2015First generation apartments : understanding emergence and early establishment case of Ahmedabad : 1965 to 1980.Shah, NisargKashikar, Vishwanath
2014Flex-perience in a tight space.D'Souza, DaphneKashikar, Vishwanath
2017Flexibility in housing : impact of architectural design decisions on ease of making modification to dwellings in mass housing.Patel, Dhwani PankajKashikar, Vishwanath
2017Flexibility in multi storey apartments : determining feasibility of support and infill in Indian urban context.Aggarwal, KritiKashikar, Vishwanath
2010Housing : a setting for social behaviour : a study of the community spaces in high rise housing as effective environment for social interactions.Talsania, Isha D.Kashikar, Vishwanath
2018Housing from the gender perspective .Patel, VishwaKashikar, Vishwanath
2017Imageability of slum regabilitation projects.Pawar, Vishal SubhashKashikar, Vishwanath
2014Inside out or outside in : the material boundary.Agrawal, ApekshaKashikar, Vishwanath
2013Investigation into the sequential unfolding of spatial perception.Gupta, SonaliKashikar, Vishwanath
2016Learning + space : desiging a school demonstrating spaces that nurtures the process of education.Narkar, Amrit SharadKashikar, Vishwanath
2018Negotiations in live work typology of housing.Bhadja, PriyaKashikar, Vishwanath
-Notion of territory : a study of territorial functioning in residential neighbourhoods, Auroville.Makwana, KrithaKashikar, Vishwanath
2019Our perception of projection : a case of orthographic drawings.Brahmbhatt, KajolKashikar, Vishwanath
2011Reminiscence through early travels : Charles Edouard Jeanneret to Le Corbusier.Kukreja, SupriyaKashikar, Vishwanath
2014Rethinking architectural determinism : correlating spatial configuration and social behavior in an educational institution.Anklesaria, FreyaanKashikar, Vishwanath
2013Role of integration of structure and architecture in generating building expressions.Mewada, JiteshKashikar, Vishwanath