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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2010Settlement patterns in Indian context : understanding the structure of organizational system that creates meaningful collective habitats of Asarva, Ahmedabad.Shah, Nikita Y.Kashikar, Vishwanath
2018Shared spaces in community living - the case of a co-operative housing society in Mumbai.Wagle, Tanmayee SadanandKashikar, Vishwanath
2010Slums as urban vernacular settlements : comparative study of self built house forms.Patel, Aditya J.Kashikar, Vishwanath
2020Social cohesion in a co-living environment : a study of the physical aspects of shared living spaces based in GurugramSrivastava, DhairyaKashikar, Vishwanath
2014Study of changing activity patterns and its impact on open spaces in housing, case study Ahmedabad.Chauhan, Ripple RajeshKashikar, Vishwanath
2012Study of earth and concrete walling techniques in the region of Bhachau, Kutch : environmental and feasibility assessment.Sareshwala, Humaira A. K.Kashikar, Vishwanath
2012Study of family life cycle and its impact on inhabitation of a house, case study : AhmedabadTodi, DishaKashikar, Vishwanath
2011Study of form and inhabitation patterns in the homes of Sihor, Bhavnagar.Jadav, PrashantKashikar, Vishwanath
2010Study of four modern academic libraries in India : generation of library form in the larger campus context.Singal, ApoorvaKashikar, Vishwanath
2008Study of relationship between user participation and user satisfication : case of post disastre housing in Gujarat .Teni, MeghaKashikar, Vishwanath
2014Study of traditional courtyard houses and its reinterpretation in modern house type - a case of Raipur, Chhattisgarh.Hundet, AnubhaKashikar, Vishwanath
2019Study of transformations of the kitchen and it's elements in the pole houses of Patan.Kanada, VaidehiKashikar, Vishwanath
2018To formulate criteria and determine their weightage for evaluating architectural design propasals of affordable housing units.Sangani, Vihar H.Kashikar, Vishwanath
2015Traditions in architecture comparative architectural analysis of Gadh and Gadhis of Marathas.Satam, PoojaKashikar, Vishwanath
2011Transitions in residential architecture : a study of changes in the storage spaces and use of open/semi open spaces in houses.Shah, Mudra R.Kashikar, Vishwanath
2007Understanding and analysing the dynamics of an urban slum and complexity of its re-habitation : a study of Gulbai Tekra and Odhav, Ahmedabad .Patel, Nehal H.Kashikar, Vishwanath
2019Understanding living - working typology through the lens of liminal spaces.Priyanka, KSKashikar, Vishwanath
2011Vernacular house forms of Sikkim : impact of materials, tools, skills, construction, lateral forces on the house form.Mistry, Ankit S.Kashikar, Vishwanath
2014Viability assessment of a designed roof treatment to reduce heat gain a context of Ahmedabad.Duberkar, Pankaj S.Kashikar, Vishwanath