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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2013Representations of sovereignty a study on suranga and the settlement, an ecological perspectiveSuseelan, AnithaKathpalia, Rajeev
2008Restructuring city through natural system, Mumbai.Sawant, Arun S.Kathpalia, Rajeev
2009Restructuring of town planning scheme through natural systems.Panjwani, KarimKathpalia, Rajeev
2011Role of space in setting the educational environment.Jesrani, DevinaKathpalia, Rajeev
2000Station square : Margeo's new civic space.D'Lima, NiveditaKathpalia, Rajeev
2008Strengthening the knowledge precinct, college street and surrounds, Kolkata.Basu, ProbalKathpalia, Rajeev
2009Structuring the abiotic components of biodiversity for congenial urbanisation process, in Cyberabad, Hyderabad.Patnaik, KirtiKathpalia, Rajeev
1992Study of Gondal town : integrating past with the present.Patel, RaseshKathpalia, Rajeev
2012Sustaining an urban ecological setup : case : east Kolkata wetlands.Roy, Sohomdeep SinhaKathpalia, Rajeev
2013Towards resolving nature's paradox case : Cherrapunji, Meghalaya .Barthakur, SanghamitraKathpalia, Rajeev
1997Tradition and its influences in Japanese architecture : examining the work of Fumihiko Maki.Sancheti, SonalKathpalia, Rajeev
2010Understanding the formulation of theories through their manifestation - taking into account, the period of post - independence in the works of Ar B V Doshi.Paryani, HarshaKathpalia, Rajeev
1991Urban core : understanding its spatial manifestation in cultural context.Choksi, ManishKathpalia, Rajeev
1992Urban public realm : a spatial manifest of culture : a study of the urban public realm of Ujjain.Parikh, Meghana S.Kathpalia, Rajeev