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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2013Landscape revival as a means to re-integrate the city case : South Delhi and its environs.Kundu, EshaKathpalia, Rajeev
2009Mega project as a tool to transform existing city, case - international financial centre, Ahmedabad.Patel, VijayKathpalia, Rajeev
2006Method : reading the urban fabric with institutions as base Project : re-establishing cultural claims of Western part of core city, Pune .Kulkarni, Ketan MaheshKathpalia, Rajeev
2011Natural systems and urban form : responsive development at the edge of Aravallis, Gurgaon.Mukherjee, RajatKathpalia, Rajeev
2003Planning strategy to give a valid urban form case : Tardeo road, Mumbai.Shadab, Baray MohammedKathpalia, Rajeev
2011Quality of urban life : an urban design approach case of Tiruppur, Tamilnadu.Aroor, NamrataKathpalia, Rajeev
2013Re-establishing ecological claims of mining towns, case : Curchorem, Goa.Bhadgaonkar, JaiKathpalia, Rajeev
2008Re-inforcing sense of place : case: indigenious market area, old core, Pune.Porwal, Nimesh N.Kathpalia, Rajeev
2009Re-structuring the development along a non-prennial river, case : Sabarmati river, Ahmedabad.Choudhuri, PiyasKathpalia, Rajeev
2014Re-structuring the prototype sector to channelize positive urban growth case : Chandigarh.Kataria, RhythmKathpalia, Rajeev
2014Redefining the nature of development along a tidal river case : river Buriganga, Dhaka, Bangladesh.Roy, GargiKathpalia, Rajeev
2012Reinventing eco urbanity in old core of small town case-palace precinct, Satara, Maharashtra.Devi, Pratik RajanKathpalia, Rajeev
2013Representations of sovereignty a study on suranga and the settlement, an ecological perspectiveSuseelan, AnithaKathpalia, Rajeev
2008Restructuring city through natural system, Mumbai.Sawant, Arun S.Kathpalia, Rajeev
2009Restructuring of town planning scheme through natural systems.Panjwani, KarimKathpalia, Rajeev
2011Role of space in setting the educational environment.Jesrani, DevinaKathpalia, Rajeev
2008Strengthening the knowledge precinct, college street and surrounds, Kolkata.Basu, ProbalKathpalia, Rajeev
2009Structuring the abiotic components of biodiversity for congenial urbanisation process, in Cyberabad, Hyderabad.Patnaik, KirtiKathpalia, Rajeev
1992Study of Gondal town : integrating past with the present.Patel, RaseshKathpalia, Rajeev
2012Sustaining an urban ecological setup : case : east Kolkata wetlands.Roy, Sohomdeep SinhaKathpalia, Rajeev