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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2012Blues of a small town with pink palaces : landscape narratives of Rajpipla.Gami, HridayKhanwalkar, Seema
2018Border less buildings : designing communally neutral spaces in Juhapura.Urval, NishithKhanwalkar, Seema; Matharoo, Gurjit Singh
2016City in comics : investigating urban spaces of Berlin through a graphic novel.John, LeezaKhanwalkar, Seema
2018Construction of meanings in site-specific installation art :a dialogue between the site, space and the viewers.Kale, AparnaKhanwalkar, Seema
2019Craft as an object of retail : in the 21st century : an analysis through a semiotic lens.Burman, Kaustav Kalyan DebKhanwalkar, Seema
2021Decoding prisons: theories of punishment as a factor in the design of colonial prisons & its influence on modern correctional facilitiesMathew, Aditi MariaKhanwalkar, Seema
2017Framing the courtesan : decoding the cinematic gaze and Islamic architecture in set designs of two iconic Hindi film songs.Khan, Shehzadi FarhaKhanwalkar, Seema
2010Gender in public space to understand the negotiation of women in the public spaces of Ahmedabad.Haran, RamyaKhanwalkar, Seema
2017History, built form and beyond deciphering the present day historical discourses of the built form in Rajasthan.Bokdia, Manish Kumar M.Khanwalkar, Seema
2014Inquiry into historiography as a tool for research Islamic architecture of IndiaShah, RiddhiKhanwalkar, Seema
2020More than a decorative veneer-commissioned Mahbubani wall paintings in PatnaSharma, SpryaKhanwalkar, Seema
2021Narrative of mangaldas ni haveliVadalia, JinalKhanwalkar, Seema
2018Narratives emerging around sexuality in Mumbai.Pandya, ShemalKhanwalkar, Seema
2010Narratives in interior architecture : stone crafts as a narrative medium for 'Radhasoaami Samadh' .Saraswat, SmritiKhanwalkar, Seema
2019New age : suprematism and conceptual space making.Shah, Jay R.Khanwalkar, Seema
2017Re-articulation of cultural heritage through new media : a conceptual study.Patel, DivyaKhanwalkar, Seema
2017Re-articulation of cultural heritage through new media : a conceptual study.Patel, DivyaKhanwalkar, Seema
2014Relationship between art and architecture through a historical socio-cultural context.Chouhan, IshaKhanwalkar, Seema
2012Retail environment design : understanding the making of the retail environment with respect to context and concept.Bundela, RituKhanwalkar, Seema; Agarwal, Sanjay
2017Rethinking smart an inquiry of social justice in shaping cities for the future : a case of T nagar, Chennai.Sanchana, S.Khanwalkar, Seema