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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2015Evaluating the feasibility of a multi-level parking : a case of Kankaria multi level parking.Sompura, NimeshLokre, Abhijit
2013Evaluation of LOS for pedestrian facilities.Sangeeth, K.Lokre, Abhijit
2013Evaluation of quality of streets.Mulatni, KrutiLokre, Abhijit
2011Evaluation of road safety strategies and development of risk index : case of Ahmedabad.Patel, HiteshGanesh babu, K. V.; Lokre, Abhijit
2013Getting on transit, marketing and communication strategies to encourage public transportation.Kishore, Nanda K.Lokre, Abhijit
2016How parking charge can act as a trigger for managing parking? : a case study of c g road.Panchal, Priyangi ChetankumarLokre, Abhijit
2016Impact of aggregator cabs on the conventional taxis : case study of Mumabi.Bhattacharjee, SubhadeepLokre, Abhijit
2019Impact of Ahmedabad's parking drive.Palepu, ShivaniLokre, Abhijit
2015Impact of infrastructure on pedestrians, case of Kurla, Mumbai.Devale, Amit AshokLokre, Abhijit
2012Impacts of minimum parking requirements.Tzudir, ImtionenLokre, Abhijit
2011Implementation issues and option for thebus service improvement.Patel, Bhavesh kumarLokre, Abhijit
2014Importance of way-finding in public transport : a case of Ahmedabad BRTS.Agarwal, Prisha P.Lokre, Abhijit
2017Influence of built form on walkability : a case study of Pondicherry.Hindocha, Pooja V.Lokre, Abhijit
2015Influence of built-environment on mode choice a case of Ahmedabad city.Borah, SubhasishLokre, Abhijit
2016Influence of placemaking attributes on walkability of a place.Saxena, NancyLokre, Abhijit
2017Institutional issues in the integration of public transport.Goel, ShreedaLokre, Abhijit
2020Investigating fund allocations of urban transport projects and assessing their impacts : case scenario of MumbaiKolambe, Alap Shankar SushmaLokre, Abhijit
2016Isuues associated with footpath management in Ahmedabad city.Kheni, GopiLokre, Abhijit
2017Management of parking in tourist cities of India : a case of Jaipur walled city.Jain, ParidhiLokre, Abhijit
2014Opportunities and challenges with transport demand management measures in Ahmedabad.Khandvi, VipulLokre, Abhijit