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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2009Study of natural resources &amp; augmentation of water, as a critical resource for an urban region case : Indore region, Madhya Pradesh.Shadija, Laxmi V.Bhagwat, Prabhakar B.; Maheshwari, Deepa
2009Study of natural resources for sustainable human life case : Bhangarh, Alwar district, Rajasthan.Suthar, Ramesh Kumar M.Bhagwat, Prabhakar B.; Maheshwari, Deepa
2010Study of parks in new urban areas case : residential areas.Naik, Priyal P.Bhagwat, Prabhakar B.; Maheshwari, Deepa
2011Study of wind movement through hill gaps - case : Aravalli hills, Rajasthan.Taneja, HemanshuBhagwat, Prabhakar B.; Maheshwari, Deepa
2009Sustainable management of water as critical natural resource in urban context, case : Jaipur urban region.Kedawat, KavitaBhagwat, Prabhakar B.; Maheshwari, Deepa
2016Sustainable tourism : Vagamon, Idukki.Thomas, MathewMaheshwari, Deepa
2014Sustainable tourism development on island case of Diu, Diu .Patel, JwalantBhagwat, Prabhakar B.; Maheshwari, Deepa
2015Understanding the cultural landscapes of an agricultural heritage system case : Kuttanad region, Kerala.Sukumaran, Rahul K.Maheshwari, Deepa; Patil, Sandip
2020Valuation of urban parks: a case study approachParmar, Pratik D.Maheshwari, Deepa
2014Water management in an urban city case study : Lucknow.Behl, AdityaBhagwat, Prabhakar B.; Maheshwari, Deepa
2016Wounded landscapes.Sharma, DivyajyotiMaheshwari, Deepa