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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2019Green infrastructure for healthy cities : a demonstrative study to recognize the environmental economic and social benefits .Chavan, PranotiMaheshwari, Deepa
2011Harvesting of non wood forest produces and its impact on forest ecology - collection of NWFP - Tendu Patta in Gondia forest study region.Turate, ShrutiBhagwat, Prabhakar B.; Maheshwari, Deepa
2008Harvesting of rain water at regional level and study its impact on other natural resources : case study river basin of Kham and Sukhna river.Khanjodkar, SantoshBhagwat, Prabhakar B.; Maheshwari, Deepa
2008Human interaction and its impact on ecosystems and economy of a region.Handa, KanakBhagwat, Prabhakar B.; Maheshwari, Deepa
2008Identification of natural resources as potential open spaces in urban regions.Pandey, SonalBhagwat, Prabhakar B.; Maheshwari, Deepa
2013Impact of agricultural economics on tribal lives: a case of tribal agriculture of Wayanad.Deepthi, C. B.Bhagwat, Prabhakar B.; Maheshwari, Deepa
2008Impact of human activities on natural resources case : Vembanad lake, Kerala.Treasa, GlennyBhagwat, Prabhakar B.; Maheshwari, Deepa
2014Impact of human activities on Sundarbans : case of the Indian Sundarbans of West Bengal.Mandal, Ankan P.Bhagwat, Prabhakar B.; Maheshwari, Deepa
2009Impact of industrialization and hazardous waste in relation to natural resources.Nangare, Rucha S.Bhagwat, Prabhakar B.; Maheshwari, Deepa
2011Impact of industrialization on natural resources.Rawat, ReetuBhagwat, Prabhakar B.; Maheshwari, Deepa
2015Impact of Industries on river systems : case study of kadambrayar and Chitrapuzha river systems, Ernakulam Kerela.Vinod, Reenu ElizabethMaheshwari, Deepa; Patil, Sandip
2008Impact of infrastructural development on natural resources case : Nagpur region.Rajbhoj, Vidya V.Bhagwat, Prabhakar B.; Maheshwari, Deepa
2015Impact of limestone excavation and cement plants over environment.Gupta, AnshulMaheshwari, Deepa; Patil, Sandip
2009Impact of mining activities on natural resources - case study - iron ore mining in Goa.Ray, DeepanwitaBhagwat, Prabhakar B.; Maheshwari, Deepa
2013Impact of mining operations on the environment case : marble mining and allied industries in Rajsamand, Rajasthan.Sharma, DivyaBhagwat, Prabhakar B.; Maheshwari, Deepa
2002Impact of pollution on river systems : case study Ulhas river.Sathe, ReshmaBhagwat, Aniket; Maheshwari, Deepa
2013Impact of tourism on natural resources of a hill station - case study Mahabaleshwar.Bakshi, AditiBhagwat, Prabhakar B.; Maheshwari, Deepa
2008Impact of tourism on the coastal ecosystem : case study Goa.Tadkodkar,NishitaBhagwat, Prabhakar B.; Maheshwari, Deepa
2014Impacts of mining on natural resources : case- bauxite mining, Jamnagar, Gujarat.Galia, Kruti C.Bhagwat, Prabhakar B.; Maheshwari, Deepa
2019Integrated water resource management in semi arid region case : Dahod, Gujarat .Bhatia, MohammedMaheshwari, Deepa