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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
1977Harmony as an organisational principle in architecture.Riswadkar, NitinMehta, Jaimini
1978Housing the urban poor : a critique.Narendranath, C. K.Doshi, Balkrishna V.; Mehta, Jaimini
1982Inquiry into architectural activity under transformation : an articulation of issues and methods.Dalal, AbhimanyuMehta, Jaimini
1983Inquiry into the nature of the urban public realm.Gupta, VineetMehta, Jaimini
1977Man-made spatial environment : a study.Thakor, ParagiMehta, Jaimini
1997Post-modern ideologies : its manifestation in housing.Purdhani, SunitaMehta, Jaimini
2001Redefining gothic.Bhavsar, Kuntal B.Mehta, Jaimini
2000Space in motion : motion in space : the space of the Brihadeshwara in the context of Bharatnatyam.Pant, VrindaMehta, Jaimini
1981Spatial manifestation of a cultural behaviour : Peking and Bhaktapur.Badshah, AkhtarMehta, Jaimini
1982Study of eclecticism in architecture.Sejpal, ShraddhaMehta, Jaimini
-Study of hindu temples.Thakore, Ashesh PinakinMehta, Jaimini
1978Study of human groups : corelation between human groups, communication patterns and the physical fabric.Balsekar, GautamMehta, Jaimini
1981Study of linkages in group architectural forms.Jani, JagdishMehta, Jaimini
1983Study of scale in architecture.Patel, Ayub H.Mehta, Jaimini
1982Study of transition in architecture.Raje, UmaMehta, Jaimini
2019Texts in architecture - a rhetorical analysis .Shah, RiddhiMehta, Jaimini
2007To address the process of change in a resource rich region Case : panjim region .De Sa, VanessaMehta, Jaimini
2012Understanding space and its experiential quality in IIM-A, CEPT and ATMA in Ahmedabad.Dinodia, GauravMehta, Jaimini