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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
1986Industrial development pattern in an urban settings : a case study of Industries in Ahmedabad.Trivedi, Pariseema D.Mehta, Meera
2012Information system for urban water supply and sanitation service in small town in Maharashtra.Singhal, KapilMehta, Meera
1987Inquiry into design process for residential planning : case study of public and private sector house building agencies.Chaudhari, Ravindra P.De, prashant; Mehta, Meera
1982Integrated plan approach for an urban squatter settlement.Sudheendra kumar, Y. V.Mehta, Meera
1983Labour absorption and earnings : a case study of lower strata workers in Bangalore.Shivanand Swamy, H. M.Mehta, Meera
1991Land management information system : an exploratory study of AhmedabadVarma, S. A. V. N.Mehta, Meera
1988Metropolitan planning strategies : a study of four cities in India, 1950-'80.Kaur, RanjitMehta, Meera
2008Muncipal budget process : a case of water sector in Nagpur.Patel, MaitriMehta, Meera
2019Municipal budgeting in small and medium towns.Sareshwala, Saubiya HanzalaBhavsar, Dhruv; Mehta, Meera
1992Neighbourhood succession : a study of commercial ingress into the 'POLS' in the Walled city of Ahmedabad.Dyan, Belliappa N. N.Mehta, Meera
1991Non-governmental process : a study of two non-governmental organisations.Desai, Padma AchwalMehta, Meera
1980Perception of physical environment : an explorative study of Maidan-e-shahi, Ahmedabad.Parikh, PragneshMehta, Meera
2008Policy review : Jawaharlal Nehru national urban renewal mission.Dalal, Dhara A.Iyer, Mona; Mehta, Meera
1981Popular housing : access to and exploitation of the resources.Munshi, ViralMehta, Meera
2019Property tax assessment in small and medium towns.Jadhav, Nivedita JayBhavsar, Dhruv; Mehta, Meera
2009Rental housing : a case of Ahmedabad.Vora, Heena R.Mehta, Meera
1983Residential choice behaviour of low income households in urban areas : a case study of Ahmedabad.Rangan, HaripriyaMehta, Meera
1983Residential structure and its evolution : a historical analysis of Ahmedabad city.Sompura, ChaitanyaMehta, Meera
1985Review of modern spatial planning principles : urban community forms.Menon, VasantiMehta, Meera
2018Review of swachh survekshan framework for assessing cities based on cleanliness.Sachin, SBhavsar, Dhruv; Mehta, Meera