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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2017Spatial encoding of prelude sequence.Gohil, PrakrutiPandya, Yatin
2015Spatial integration of water in traditional and contemporary architecture of Udaipur.Chandresha, PratikPandya, Yatin
2002Spatial narratives : conception - perception dynamics.Purwar, JyotikaPandya, Yatin
2005Spatial role of junctions : connecting elements and their integration in traditional design, case : Pol houses, Ahmedabad.Bhatt, NitiPandya, Yatin
2016Spatial tales : orientation as a tool to synthesize experience in architecture.Majithiya, HitarthPandya, Yatin
1998Staircase : a spatial phenomenon.Punjani, ShilpaPandya, Yatin
2011Stitching the urban seams : towards a condition - sensitiveledge - driven development along ring roods : case of Nagpur city.Chaudhary, NikhilPandya, Yatin
2016Streets as civic spaces in Indian context-remondeling in streets the Gandhi ashram precinct, Ahmedabad.Singh, ToshiPandya, Yatin
2009Structuring of drainage channel network as an open space system case : Delhi.Manna, AshimPandya, Yatin
2017Study of compactness in contemporary residential architectureMevada, AnkitaPandya, Yatin
2008Study of design decisions influenced by climate and strategy formed by them .Shukla, Nirati AnilbhaiPandya, Yatin
2004Study of designed flexibility in mass produced houses.Shah, ShailiPandya, Yatin
2016Study of evolution and transformation of type in architecture with examples of Wada residences in Pune and Satara.Wankhade, MansiPandya, Yatin
2009Study of interface zone on a street : .Modi, Tapan YatishPandya, Yatin
2013Study of regional adaptations to the bunglows as generic type of late 19th to early 20th century With examples of Ahmedabad.Panchani, SagarPandya, Yatin
1997Study of residential site planning for row houses, the collective houseform : case-study Ahmedabad.Trivedi, SachinPandya, Yatin
2011Study of the town of Devprayag in context of its topography and religiosity: Garhwal Himalayas.Semwal, RakeshPandya, Yatin
2013Study of verandha as spatial element its adaptation and interpretation in residences of Goa.Shah, PrachiPandya, Yatin
1994Sustainability in the built world : an overview.Attar, MubarakaPandya, Yatin
2008Symbiosis between historicity and tourism : case : Amritsar.Gill, Amrinder Paul SinghPandya, Yatin