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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2009Earth construction techniques, influence of construction on manifestation of built form.Maheta, Chahna R.Pandya, Yatin
2015Enviromentally responsible approaches in contemporary design : a study of unconventional methods and material.Mankotia, DevikaPandya, Yatin
2006Existential space-expressions of the unbuilt for contemporary relevance, case: right bank canal surrounds between Swargate bus terminal and Parvati hills Pune, Maharashtra .Shinde, Vikrant A.Pandya, Yatin
2017Explorations of courtyards in contemporary dwellings of Ahmedabad.Solanki, TanushreePandya, Yatin
2018Exploring spatial narratives of chettinad houses.Venkatesh, JananiPandya, Yatin
2011Exploring Utopia : an alternative residential townships for a humane , sustainable and equitable living environment.Mangwani, NarendraPandya, Yatin
2012Fenestration and shading device : with respect to office buildings in Ahmedabad.Tindwani, BeenaPandya, Yatin
1994Flexibility in mass housing : a post occupancy evaluation of housing units with specific reference to physical alternations / additions and the building types.Malik, ShubhaPandya, Yatin
2003Genesis and evolution of museums as contemporary institution.Varia, Deepa J.Pandya, Yatin
2010Gurukul : the concept of learning and its architectural manifestation : case study : Varanasi, India.Patel, Pareshkumar R.Pandya, Yatin
2004High-rise housing : potentials and validity of a building type .Aras, RamanPandya, Yatin
1998Hindu notions of space making : an exploration.Parikh, PranaliPandya, Yatin
2017House from trasformations : an enquiry into phenomenon of change and adaption in' chandravali society', VadodaraAgrawal, VrajPandya, Yatin
2016Housing : flexibility, a case of incremental housing at Belapur.Modi, GunjanPandya, Yatin
2003Human responses to the built environment : a case study of primary schools.Jadav, NimishaPandya, Yatin
2018Identifying the concept of overlay in the palaces of Saurashtra.Bhojkar, Vaibhavi M.Pandya, Yatin
2012Identifying the position of crafts in interior architecture : an enquiry into diverse approaches in India post 1990.Jain, RishavPandya, Yatin
2004Illusion-perceived reality in the built environment.Mehta, MudraPandya, Yatin
2016Image, identity and associations .Nanavaty, ShreePandya, Yatin
2009In search of identity of a place, a case of newtown Rajarhat, Kolkata.Seth, SubrataPandya, Yatin