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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2016Quality of space with respect to vertical housing neighborhood design : present and future,a case of Mumbai.Chopra, Manveer SinghPandya, Yatin
2005Re-establishing places for people restructuring urban core in traditional context : Pune.Dhoot, KoshishPandya, Yatin
2009Re-organizing the unbuilt to augmentnatural resources case : Salim Ali lake precinct Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India.Mahale, AkashPandya, Yatin
2009Re-structuring of St Kilda, Australia for present tourism context.Purkayastha, SumitPandya, Yatin
2009Re-structuring the residential precinct in a religious city with reference to cosmic order; case - Haridwar.Jain, BhavukPandya, Yatin
2003Realm of the within - without : a focus on the manifestations of 'duality' in this relationship.Parikh, NiyateePandya, Yatin
2003Recalling the past in contemporary Indian architecture : a study of contemporary Indian architecture as inspired from the past.Trivedi, OjasPandya, Yatin
2004Reclaiming the lost public realm on the bazaar street case : mall road, Amritsar .Lahoti, AshishPandya, Yatin
2012Reclaiming the seat of power into active, plural, referential, civic node in a democratic setup : Gandhinagar.Dhanokar, Pratik R.Pandya, Yatin
2011Redefining the link as an aspect of networking urban center for growth and imageability.Ramani, SanjayPandya, Yatin
2007Redefining the urban lost space : as a positive urban space in city, case: Mehesana lake .Patel, TruptiPandya, Yatin
2006Redevelopment of Chandola lake area Ahmedabad : urbanistic view of slum networking as a part of wholistic urban renewal process .Kumar, K. SreePandya, Yatin
2010Redevelopment of urban voids in a city a case of racecourse area, Bengaluru.Patel, KalpeshkumarPandya, Yatin
2013Regenerate an urban void resulting from the intersection of infrastructure : canal, road and railway case : Himmatnagar, Gujarat.Shah, TapanPandya, Yatin
2009Reinstating the presence of a river in a city, creating a city river interface case : Gomati riverfront, Lucknow.Gupta, SushilPandya, Yatin
2014Reintegrating water system into an urban fabric case Anjar - Kutch.Thosani, Deepal G.Pandya, Yatin
2013Reinterpreting vernacular architecture for contemporary lessons : a study of various interpretations of context as manifested in the contemporary institutions of Jaipur.Patel, Ashna KandarpPandya, Yatin
2006Rejuvenation of the old core of Kozhikode using positive spaces .Thomas, Merylene ElizabethPandya, Yatin
2003Relation between physical aspects and socio-cultural aspects of a living environment.Gour, ShivaniPandya, Yatin
2009Religiosity and built form case : traditional house form of Gokarna, Karnataka.Korgaonkar, AmeyPandya, Yatin