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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2001Balance : a principle of nature - a study of its manifestation in the creations of man.Sodha, RuchitaPatel, Kireet
2003Conception of space - organic approach.Mistry, BhaviniPatel, Kireet
2001Corelational membrane of inside and outside : an identity into residential interiors.Dar, AmberPatel, Kireet
2019Correlating craft with computational design.Mehta, ParthPatel, Kireet
2020Deconstructing surrealism : an inquiry into the notion of ‘surreality’ in spaceShah, MedhaviPatel, Kireet
2011Details : construing significance.Anjaria, AnujPatel, Kireet
2014Drawings its influences on architecture.Sebastian, Siby KuriakosePatel, Kireet
2000Expressions through fabrics in interior spaces.Tejwani, VimlaPatel, Kireet
2015Extension : an inquiry into built form extensions.Modi, KinjalPatel, Kireet
2000Floor : an interior space making element : factors influencing floor design and expressions, in residences.Agrawal, Priti S.Patel, Kireet
2008Formal forces : an inquiry of optimization in process.Jotani, DhavalPatel, Kireet
2004Fractal perception of built environments : a retrospect into the phenomenon and its rudiments.Tyagi, MuktaPatel, Kireet
2011Genesis of geometry : Islam.Momin, Ahmed AbbasPatel, Kireet
2006Going underground an analyticlal understanding of subterrainance spaces.Agrawal, ShuchitaPatel, Kireet
2003Graphical perception and its intervention in interior space.Shah, DarshikaPatel, Kireet
2004Integrity : a study into the manifestations of nature in space.Parekh, MansiPatel, Kireet
2014Interior - exterior dialogues and the power of thresholds.Gupta, KritiPatel, Kireet
2016Interpenetration-genesis of composite form.Vasani, SejalPatel, Kireet
2007Making of a 'real ' identifying detailing as a method of contriving 'order' in the making processes.Patel, NiyatiPatel, Kireet
2012Music as a metaphor, a cognitive understanding between principles of design and music.Tikle, Kushal B.Patel, Kireet