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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2012Relevance of design processes today : a study of contemporary interiors in India.Shah, Ishita U.Patel, Kireet; Rathod, Samira
-Revisiting the term 'anti-space' : discourses and valuation.Dhruva, MitaliPatel, Kireet
2018Semiotic taxonomy of metaphoric associations in interior design.Patel, Misari P.Patel, Kireet
2001Sense of space through elemental expression : a study of psychedelic effects in spaces.Singh, NikeetaPatel, Kireet
2002Steel : material, technology and expression : role of material properties and construction techniques in characterization of space.Sharma, VijayPatel, Kireet
2002Study of the qualitative aspects of an interior space as a result of the adjoining court.Deliwala, DipalPatel, Kireet
2002Study on evolution and manifestation of form in the region of Gujarat.Gami, LarissaPatel, Kireet
2008Synthesis of an 'Image' into 'Reality' : understanding an innovative exemplary from the roots of traditions .Mehta, AvnishPatel, Kireet
2004Understanding form and aesthetics in interior spaces : realization of form, space and aesthetics in Islamic culture.Bhatia, JankiPatel, Kireet
2007Understanding relationship between philosophies and spaces : an inquiry into houses of thoughts.Shah, PriyaPatel, Kireet
2002Wall as an element and its expression in interior spaces.Maheshwari, AbhaPatel, Kireet
2000Works of carlo scarpa : an investigation into the phenomenon of insert.Bhatt, Parantap J.Patel, Kireet