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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2016Residential and transport carbon emission inventory for selected wards of Ahmedabad city.Khatri, ShwetaPathak, Minal
2014Residential built form and energy consumption quantifying energy consumption with varying residential densities, ground cover and building heights.Mahajan, BhanuAdhvaryu, Bhargav; Pathak, Minal
2014Residential electricity end use projections and saving potential in Pune, India.Shah, RuchiPathak, Minal
2016Sustainable physical infrastructure for townships in Ahmedabad : sewerage and water.Panchal, Shree KurangPathak, Minal
2015Sustainable tourism development of a religious town : a case of Dwarka, Gujarat.Panchal, JigneshPathak, Minal
2015Transport; CO2 emissions and energy use : forecasts, option analysis and evaluation in context of Ahmedabad city.Biswas, DeepratickPathak, Minal
2016Understanding land-use change policies and impacts : case of Pimpri Chinchwad, Maharashtra.Shinde, PrajaktaPathak, Minal
2012Understanding the impacts of climate variability and other drivers on the agriculture of Thar.Phansalkar, AditiAcharya, Binoy; Pathak, Minal
2016Understanding the relationship between the lakes and urban communities : a case of Bangalore.Vishwanath, PallaviPathak, Minal
2016Valuation of ecosystem services to integrate with future development : a case study of Loktak lake, Manipur.Asheibam, DeepuPathak, Minal
2012Vulnerability assessment and resilience plan against climate variability for coastal villages of Kutch district.Ginoya, NamrataPathak, Minal
2014Vulnerability due to climate factors - a case of Daman.Sreeraj, Rajendra PrakashPathak, Minal