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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2016Naturalistic play for composite socio-economic neighborhood : case of Takala, Kolhapur.Khadilkar, SampadaPatil, Sandip
2017Rationalizing the energy efficiency and carbon impact of materials in landscape : a case example of Hyderabad.Kalantri, Ankit KumarPatil, Sandip
2016Re-adaptation of industrial wastelands : case of Panipat thermal plant, Panipat, Haryana.Kuchhal, RamyaPatil, Sandip
2017Reconnecting to the river : case of river Hoogly, Kolkata.Bose, RupamitaPatil, Sandip
2019Redesigning of urban playscapes - a case of Pune city.Vaidya, Himani ChandrashekharPatil, Sandip
2019Reimagining public parks : assessing the relevence and usage of public parks in constantly evolving urban realms : case of Surat city.Lamba, RichaPatil, Sandip
2015Rejuvenation of river, case : Arkavathi river, Bangalore rural.Raj, AditiMaheshwari, Deepa; Patil, Sandip
2015River as an open space to the city of Moradabad.Raizada, VriendaMaheshwari, Deepa; Patil, Sandip
2019Study of social engagement in inherent public space of urban area : taking case of Ahmedabad city.Narola, DixitPatil, Sandip
2016Transforming Morbi : from Harsh industrial inheritance to a livable urban fabric.Slatch, Amrita KaurPatil, Sandip
2018Transgressing wilderness : the case of novel and transient wilderness.Khanna, RushikaPatil, Sandip
2015Understanding the cultural landscapes of an agricultural heritage system case : Kuttanad region, Kerala.Sukumaran, Rahul K.Maheshwari, Deepa; Patil, Sandip
2019Urban incarnations : revitalization of Mumbai's textile mill lands by transformational landscapes.Shinde, Saylee PradeepPatil, Sandip
2016Visualising and reclaiming landscape in historical perspective in case groups of monuments, Mandu, Madhya Pradesh.Mishra, JyotsnaPatil, Sandip