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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
1987Advanced adaptive technology : an architectural gain from the advanced technology of the aerospace, maritime and automotive industries : a study of an approach to architecture.Swaminathan, ArunRajan, P. S.
1984Architectural ornament in industrial society : a study within the context of the arts and crafts movement and the Avant-garde movements of the early twentieth century.Patel, BimalRajan, P. S.
2008Architecture of planetarium .Parmar, Mayurkumar R.Rajan, P. S.
1970Aspects of symmetry.Chauhan, Muktirajsinh N.Rajan, P. S.
1983Axis : study of its design expressions in architecture.Modi, AshvinRajan, P. S.
1988Borromini's visual approach to architecture.Pandya, HareshRajan, P. S.
2004Continuing traditions with an individual expression : works of Tadao Ando and Luis Barragan.Menezes, FionaRajan, P. S.
1988Continuity and change : a study of attitudes to building in historic urban contexts.Akalkotkar, Gopinath V.Rajan, P. S.
1987Continuity and space in Indian architecture.Chauhan, ShuchiRajan, P. S.
1986Development of contemporary architecture in Ahmedabad : a review.Patel, SujataRajan, P. S.
1989Enquiry into the aspects of urban edge as an element of participation.Gothoskar, VineetaRajan, P. S.
1974Evaluation of a traditional habitat : case study Bohra community, Gujarat .Dalal, Madhavi N.Rajan, P. S.
1992Evolution of architectural language in the works of a contemporary Indian architect : B V Doshi : a study.Shodhan, KartikeyaRajan, P. S.
2009Facades of Indo-saracenic style : analysis of late 19th century buildings in Baroda.Wali, RohiniRajan, P. S.
1990Form, structure and energy : a study of the Great Pyramid and Matrimandir.Doctor, MonaRajan, P. S.
1987Gateways : artefacts of civilizations.Patel, NiraliRajan, P. S.
1982Geometric discipline in architecture.DevanshuRajan, P. S.
1993Hybrid : it's role in the evolution of architectural styles.Parekh, JayeshRajan, P. S.
1989Idea of ruin : readings into the breaking of form.Desai, FalguniRajan, P. S.
1980Ideological roots of movements in architecture.Dave, BharatRajan, P. S.