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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2009Facades of Indo-saracenic style : analysis of late 19th century buildings in Baroda.Wali, RohiniRajan, P. S.
1990Form, structure and energy : a study of the Great Pyramid and Matrimandir.Doctor, MonaRajan, P. S.
1987Gateways : artefacts of civilizations.Patel, NiraliRajan, P. S.
1982Geometric discipline in architecture.DevanshuRajan, P. S.
1993Hybrid : it's role in the evolution of architectural styles.Parekh, JayeshRajan, P. S.
1989Idea of ruin : readings into the breaking of form.Desai, FalguniRajan, P. S.
1980Ideological roots of movements in architecture.Dave, BharatRajan, P. S.
1999Incorporating traditional methods of building to address the issues of identity in architecture : towards a new trend - case study : Bangalore.Dave, ShubhaniRajan, P. S.
1980Inquiry into the aspect of rationale in architecture, substantiated with an analysis of the works of Alvar Aalto.Shetty, RajmohanRajan, P. S.
2010Inquiry into the notion of term order : in the context of De Stijl and New York five architects.Kiran Kumar R.Rajan, P. S.
1997Integrity in the works of Frank-Lloyd-Wright.Desai, Rina BipinRajan, P. S.
1993Maratha Vadas of Baroda : a study.Moghe, NiketaRajan, P. S.
1989Outline of a study : metaphors as related to the synthesis of an architectural idea.Parashar, AmitRajan, P. S.
2011Representation in architecture - in view if the Russian Avant-Garde .Rao, Madhuri S.Rajan, P. S.
1989Role of the unbuilt spaces in clustered organizations : a study of Indian palace complexes.Goghari, RathinRajan, P. S.
1989Spread and acceptance of architectural images and idioms : the case of contemporary Ahmedabad.Chaudhry, UttaraRajan, P. S.
1983Study into impact of photography on architecture : as a visual medium.Patel, VishnuRajan, P. S.
2011Study into stylistic transformation in architecture : from gothic to Renaissance.Gupta, NeetiRajan, P. S.
1988Study of platforms : a defining and modulating element in architecture.Dungarwala, PhalguniRajan, P. S.
1984Synthesis in architectural design : a study of approaches.Vyas, AlkaRajan, P. S.