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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2001Abstract and the manifest in vernacular built : houseform of Rohailkhand region, Uttar Pradesh.Agarwal, ManuRaje, Nitin
2006Addressing transformations - place making - notation explored at city level redefining the urban realm - Ahmedabad mill lands.Nagarsheth, SnehalRaje, Nitin
1998Analysis of streets : a socio-physical perspective.Parikh, TanviRaje, Nitin
-Application of solar geometry in architecture.Patel, ManojRaje, Nitin
2018Applying systems thinking to understand the impact of rework on construction projects.Chepe, ShobhitRaje, Nitin
2001Architecture and computer technology : study of the state of integration.Kanabar, JalpaRaje, Nitin
2001Architecture and paradigm : understanding the contemporary.Mehta, RooshankRaje, Nitin
2002Architecture of hybrid spaces.Jadav, Mrunalsen R.Raje, Nitin
2020Between stability and change : an understanding of culture and interior spaces as a dynamic relationship through system thinkingGupta, ShwetaRaje, Nitin
2012Biophilic space : Biophilia : its ramification for interior space and an analysis of its manifestation in the works of prominent modernist architects.Bansal, AnushkaRaje, Nitin
2016Butterfly effect in housing : sensitivity to design parameters.Patel, Shailaja KetanbhaiRaje, Nitin
2000Daylighting and design : interpretations.Jindal, RichieRaje, Nitin
2017Digital tools and media, prospects and practice.Chandrabhanu, DVNLRaje, Nitin
2001Emergence of order in urban form.Priyalakshmi, K.Raje, Nitin
2014Evolutionary mechanisms of the built environment.Puri, KanikaRaje, Nitin
1997Felix Candela : architecture of structural forms.Akruwala, Chirag A.Raje, Nitin
2000Fragmentation of form : a study of the use of fractal geometry, chance, and dynamical systems in the design of form.D'Monte, SamirRaje, Nitin
1999Genesis and evolution of a traditional houseform as a cultural idiom : Peshwa Wadas, a Maratha way of life.Raut, MaithiliRaje, Nitin
2016Hindu temple : the generic and the specific .Brahmbhatt, PoojaRaje, Nitin
2013Improving daylight condition of high rise office building in high density urban fabric of Mumbai.Kumar, RaushanRaje, Nitin