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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2000Daylighting and design : interpretations.Jindal, RichieRaje, Nitin
2017Digital tools and media, prospects and practice.Chandrabhanu, DVNLRaje, Nitin
2001Emergence of order in urban form.Priyalakshmi, K.Raje, Nitin
2017Empirical study of the correlations between formal attributes of enclosures and architectural experience in occupants.Sanatani, Rohit PriyadarshiRaje, Nitin
2014Evolutionary mechanisms of the built environment.Puri, KanikaRaje, Nitin
1997Felix Candela : architecture of structural forms.Akruwala, Chirag A.Raje, Nitin
2000Fragmentation of form : a study of the use of fractal geometry, chance, and dynamical systems in the design of form.D'Monte, SamirRaje, Nitin
1999Genesis and evolution of a traditional houseform as a cultural idiom : Peshwa Wadas, a Maratha way of life.Raut, MaithiliRaje, Nitin
2016Hindu temple : the generic and the specific .Brahmbhatt, PoojaRaje, Nitin
2013Improving daylight condition of high rise office building in high density urban fabric of Mumbai.Kumar, RaushanRaje, Nitin
1998Information theory and perception.Pandya, MehulRaje, Nitin
2014Inquiry in mass customization in architecture and the changing field of building industry.Patel, Kulshresth DilipbhaiRaje, Nitin
2013Investigation of generative systems in indian temple architecture.Chandini, U.P.Raje, Nitin
1997Limits of interpretation : understanding architecture through the notion of Paradigms.Ranade, ShilpaRaje, Nitin
2001Perception : a comprehension.Naik, EktaRaje, Nitin
2005Phenomenon of mobility and changing relations in today's urban public space in Pune, Maharastra.Washikar, Shridhar K.Raje, Nitin
-Reasoning for visual form : probing the nature of visio-spatial events using eye tracking .Athavankar, AmeyaRaje, Nitin
2014Remembering space : a topological analysis of spatial memory.Ramesh, RamyaRaje, Nitin
2015Role of geometry in the morphological evolution of Karnata-Dravida temples through parametric design : a case of Karnata-Dravida temples.Goud, SrushtiRaje, Nitin
2014Significance and assessment of mean rediant temparature in office environment of warm and humid climate - a case of Chennai.Momin, Abdul H.Raje, Nitin