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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2001Perception : a comprehension.Naik, EktaRaje, Nitin
2005Phenomenon of mobility and changing relations in today's urban public space in Pune, Maharastra.Washikar, Shridhar K.Raje, Nitin
-Reasoning for visual form : probing the nature of visio-spatial events using eye tracking .Athavankar, AmeyaRaje, Nitin
2014Remembering space : a topological analysis of spatial memory.Ramesh, RamyaRaje, Nitin
2015Role of geometry in the morphological evolution of Karnata-Dravida temples through parametric design : a case of Karnata-Dravida temples.Goud, SrushtiRaje, Nitin
2014Significance and assessment of mean rediant temparature in office environment of warm and humid climate - a case of Chennai.Momin, Abdul H.Raje, Nitin
1999Society as a changing system : understanding the polar nature within and its physical manifestations.Dalal, JankiRaje, Nitin
1997Software for lighting design : softlite : study of aspects of lighting design and development of software to evaluate a lighting system in given environment.Khakharia, Samir V.Raje, Nitin
1989Software for shadow throw of primary forms.Mukharjee, AshishboronRaje, Nitin
1991Software unfolding the geometry of geodesic domes.Desai, MaharshiLavingia, K. P.; Raje, Nitin
2010Street edges : fractal geometry as critical tool to analyse urban commercial streets in Ahmedabad.Kaur, AvneetRaje, Nitin
2000Study of an architectural response to sustainability : high-rise office buildings designed for natural ventilation.Satta, SaketRaje, Nitin
2002Study of evolution of city form : taking Jodhpur and Jaipur as the examples of traditional cities.Gupta, ManishRaje, Nitin
2001Study of open spaces in low cost urban housing.Jain, Krutarth H.Raje, Nitin
2005Study of the play element in arrangemental systemsPatel, HarshRaje, Nitin
2013Study the potential of urban agriculture as a part of sustainable landscape : a case study of institutions in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.Bhalekar, Priyanka PrakashRaje, Nitin
1999Studying adaptive resue of building dockyard: a case for Bombay.Pathan, Ayub M.Raje, Nitin
1995Sub-terranean architecture : a bio-climatic approach to energy conservation.Meenakshi, K.Raje, Nitin
2013System dynamics approach towards identifying parameters of sustenance of a community : water management in Sadhana forest, Auroville.Raveendran, AparnaRaje, Nitin
2002Tectonic form : expression of structure and construction in architecture.Lele, MeetaRaje, Nitin