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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2017Analysis to reveal patterns, trends and associations of human behaviour and interactions using geosocial, celluar data and GIS.Badatala, SowkhyaAmaduzzi, Salvatore; Rawal, Darshana
2019Building a real-estate investment portfolio optimisation model using geospatial diversification and location analytics .Purkayastha, SabyasachiBhalla, Pranav; Rawal, Darshana
2015Crime analysis using spatial statistics.Dhimole, PriyanshiRawal, Darshana
2017Crusading it right : implementing GIS in strategical planning of election campaign.Patel, HeemaAmaduzzi, Salvatore; Rawal, Darshana
2020Data standards of slums for 3D modellingRana, Divyeshkumar Dineshchandra Rawal, Darshana; Vyas, Anjana
2021Developing a web application to understand the tourist dynamics using social media dataGadde, HarishRawal, Darshana
2019GIS and RS based framework for safer ship routes for the indian antarctic expeditions.Upadhyay, DitiRajak, Ram D.; Rawal, Darshana
2020Identification of coral reefs using geo-spatial techniques and health indicators and their ImpactsJain, YashrajRawal, Darshana
2018Identifying an approach to standardise data for mapping utility networks on open source tool quantum GIS.Joshi, BansiBehr, Franz-Josef; Rawal, Darshana
2018Integration of Geographical information system for sewer system design : case of Yavatmal.Harish, G.Pathak, Nitish; Rawal, Darshana
2018Public safety : a responsibility for all .AbhilashaRawal, Darshana
2019SAR polarimetric analysis of land use land cover classification : Ahmedabad city.Barot, SamarthRawal, Darshana; Vyjayanthi, Nizalpur
2020Slums in smart cities : strategy for consistent modelingRaut, Shubham VinodVyas, Anjana; Rawal, Darshana
2021Smart addressing systemShah, KushalRawal, Darshana
2021Urban air quality index using satellite remote sensing and spatial analysis techniquesRanganath, Sindhuja LakshmipuramRawal, Darshana