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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2018Evaluation of autoclimbing formwork system.Khachar, AbhijeetShah, Paresh
2019Evaluation of automated reinforcement fabrication process.Patel, Ami ArvindkumarShah, Paresh
2019Evaluation of concreting methods for high rise construction.Prajapati, Shilpankumar KalpeshkumarShah, Paresh
1997Evaluation of different concreting methods.Jani, YatriShah, Paresh
2018Evaluation of precast technology and its implementation in affordable housing.Shah, KushShah, Paresh
2019Factors responsible for selection of construction methodology for underground metro stations.Mahadik, Jayesh SharadShah, Paresh
1993Foundations on expansive soil for typical cases around Surat.Vyas, Nikhil J.Desai, Mahesh D.; Shah, Paresh
2020Identification and prioritization of critical factors in project management practices of sustainable projectsPrasad, SreyaShah, Paresh
1994Management information system for cost control on construction project.Shah, UmangShah, Paresh
1995Materials management system for industrial construction projects.Shah, VikasShah, Paresh
2017Performance evaluation of fabric formwork.Shah, AnandShah, Aanal; Shah, Paresh
1993Stability of hillslopes and landslides in the Naini lake basin, Kumaun Lesser Himalaya.Mehrotra, Rishi RajValdiya, K. S.; Shah, Paresh
1993Stabilization of expansive soils for construction of pavements.Trivedi, ArchanaDesai, Mahesh D.; Shah, Paresh
2019Structural evaluation of glass fa├žade.Doshi, VenkatShah, Paresh
2019Study of effective planning strategy for precast construction.Jain, RoshniShah, Maulik; Shah, Paresh
1996Techono-economic study of modular formwork and scaffolding systems.Patel, NimishShah, Paresh
1997Time saving in construction of multi-storey building.Bhatt, VatsalShah, Paresh
1997Time saving in construction of multi-storey building.Bhatt, VatsalShah, Paresh