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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2016Critical assessment of factors constraining land mobilizing techniques in greater Mumbai.Nagarkar, ShwetaSharma, Rutool
2020Critical success factors for redevelopment projectsShah, KahanSharma, Rutool; Pandit, Devanshu
2015Development of physical planning regulations for proposed green city : Jaipur.Kumar, AmitSharma, Rutool
2016Document and to critically analyze the process of transformation of rural land to urban use.Bhatt, Anushil C.Sharma, Rutool
2018Effectiveness of residential affordable housing zone in Ahmedabad.Bijlani, AmanSharma, Rutool
2013Energy access : study of slum electrification process in Ahmedabad and Baroda.Rahiman, RiyaSharma, Rutool
2010Energy security and management plan for urban areas : a case study of Ahmedabad city.Shukla, NiraliSharma, Rutool
2010Enhancing public participation in urban planning.Moon, NimishSharma, Rutool
2016Enquiry into public lands : allocation and utilization.Udhani, Konica KamalkumarSharma, Rutool
2013Estimating the cost of air pollution and urban environment management strategies to reduce this cost : case of Ahmedabad, India.Makvana, AnkitSharma, Rutool
2016Evaluating guideline and implementation of stationary land valuation : case study of Ahmedabad city, Gujarat.Patel, Ravi D.Sharma, Rutool
2021Evolution & growth dynamics of census towns in India the unusual cases from Chhattisgarh & OdishaHalder, ShrilekhaSharma, Rutool
2021Examining master plans of indian cities : critical anaysisToliya, PadmanabhSharma, Rutool
2018Exploring land value capture as a funding source for development of Jaipur metro.Setia, ShivirPhatak, Vidyadhar; Sharma, Rutool
2009Exploring possible mechanism of environmental justice in Indian city : a case study of Ahmedabad city.Vavaliya, JaladhiSharma, Rutool
2018Exploring the possibility of land value capture in Greater Cochin.Dcruz, Chiara C.Phatak, Vidyadhar; Sharma, Rutool
2016Framework for monetization of public land for financing urban development : a case of Ahmedabad.Arun Kumar, N.S.Sharma, Rutool
2017Functioning of informal land and housing markets : case study of Ahmedabad.Salot, SnehSharma, Rutool
2021Impact of development control tools on land use, urban form and public realm in indian cities : case of Ahmedabad, Hyderabad & ChennaiAnand, ShauryaSharma, Rutool
2017Impact of lakes of residential estate pricing : a case of Bangalore.Bhandiwad, AkshataSharma, Rutool