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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2011Multi airport system in India - identifying prospects and challenges in development of secondary airports.Banker, SiddharthShivanand Swamy, H. M.
2020Multi modal interchange for the city of KochiKaur, PrateekShivanand Swamy, H. M.
2019Multimodal integrated transport system - public sector and market based initiatives in Bengaluru.Gounder, Kanika R.Parthasarathy, R.; Shivanand Swamy, H. M.
2020Multimodal integration : public transport and new mobility servicesKawadkar, Madhura Avinash ArchanaShivanand Swamy, H. M.; Patel, Gautam
2007Organizing urban public transport in Indian cities : delivering the bus rapid transit system.Pundir, ShivaniMukundan, K.; Shivanand Swamy, H. M.
2004Oriya migrants in Surat : aspirations and accomplishments.Shah, Phoram S.Iyengar, Sudarshan; Shivanand Swamy, H. M.
1994Ownership options for public transport system in Ahmedabad.Gundimeda, Phani KumarRaghuram, G.; Shivanand Swamy, H. M.
2009Planning and development of ring roads : study of Hyderabad and Ahmedabad.Gajjar, Meena M.Shivanand Swamy, H. M.
2000Planning for bicycle traffic : a case of Ahmedabad.Sharma, RuchiShivanand Swamy, H. M.
1991Planning for highways in Gujarat : study of projections and upgradations.Teresa, T.Shivanand Swamy, H. M.
2003Planning for local economic development : a case of Ahmedabad.Shah, Saloni S.Shivanand Swamy, H. M.
2006Policy review of aviation sector in India.Joshi, GauravKrishnamachary, Mukundan; Shivanand Swamy, H. M.
2008Port competitiveness in Gujarat.Rathod, BhavinShivanand Swamy, H. M.; Gaur, Prakash
1996Pricing of urban water supply at Hubli-Dharwad.Padmanabhan, VijayShivanand Swamy, H. M.
1997Private participation for development of roads and bridges : a case of Ahmedabad Vadodara Expressway.Munshi, TalatRaghuram, G.; Shivanand Swamy, H. M.
2000Privatisation of public transport : can we innovate?.Sinha, ShaliniShivanand Swamy, H. M.
2003Privatization of public transport system in Ahmedabad .Tiwari, DeeptyShivanand Swamy, H. M.
2010Project implementation models of national highway authority of India over the years .Prasad, VivanthaPatel, Gautam; Shivanand Swamy, H. M.
2017Property tax and urban development.Ghasi, EshanShivanand Swamy, H. M.
2020Public private partnership arrangements in delivery of urban bus transport servicesSingh, AnujShivanand Swamy, H. M.