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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2012Decoding meaning : a study of the relationship between ritual performance and space.Srinivasan, RanjaniSoni, Sachin
2019Decoding vulnerabilities of the built environment : a burglar's perspective.Kurien, Amit JosephSoni, Sachin
2014Impact of architectural designs on visual perception : case of Sagra basement, School of architecture - CEPT.Muntaha, Rushnaiwala Sabbir AhmedSoni, Sachin
2018Impact of layering of street edges on the visual perception of pedestrians : case of Three commercial streets of Ahmedabad.Vadalia, TulsiSoni, Sachin
2015Interpreting collage as a way of spatial composition in houses.Patel, RushamaSoni, Sachin
2018Investigating characteristics of thematic spaces in the Mughal miniature paintings of Fatehpur Sikri.Mehta, ShivaniSoni, Sachin
2018Investigating the idea of containment and release : a study of residential works of Ar. Shirish Beri.Ghelani, AarsiSoni, Sachin
2019Kumbh Mela - Ephemeral megacity : role of architecture in such mega events.Yeola, Sarang AnilSoni, Sachin
2015Making and occupying : street edges of the cross roads in AhmedabadChuhan, Maulik ShailehbhaiSoni, Sachin
2018Materials - as design generator : role of material in architectural design process of Shabbir Unwala.Shah, AkshitaSoni, Sachin
2018Preface to space : a study of threshold spaces in residential typologies of Ahmedabad.Shah, ManaliSoni, Sachin
2019Reconnecting : food, people and city : reviving the urban farmlands through innovative and integrated urban food hub.Tamakuwala, JaySoni, Sachin
2013School scapes : study of architectural and landscape elements in outdoor school environments in Ahmedabad.Shah, RuchiSoni, Sachin
2016Shape matters : influence of the irregular site-shape on the building footprint.Patel, Padvi ShammiSoni, Sachin
2013Signscapes of Ahmedabad : understanding visuo-spatial layering of signage elements in the city.Vyas, BulbulSoni, Sachin
2018Strokes and works : travel sketches of Louis I. Khan and his architectural ideas reflected through his words.Patel, SarthakSoni, Sachin
2015Study of the building edges in portuguese settlement of Daman.Surati, SrushtiSoni, Sachin
2019Territoriality in public realm : a case of commercial streets.Vavaiya, ShivangiSoni, Sachin
2020Transformation in manifestation of sacred in domestic spaces. the case of nagar brahmin pol house and flats in Ahmedabad.Patel, ShivaniSoni, Sachin
2016Understanding spatial adaptation in built environment : study of migrant construction workers settlements in Ahmedabad.Mevada, ManthanSoni, Sachin