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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
1998In harmony with ecology : a study of the Dang shelterforms.Mukharjee, AnuradhaVasavada, Ravindra J.
1998Indigenous domestic architecture : a study of two houses in the town of Bundi.Pandya, HetalVasavada, Ravindra J.
1995Inquiry into the 'making' of an urban space : a case of fort area : Bombay.Mehta, AmishiVasavada, Ravindra J.
1993Interpretative design efforts : mandapas of the Maru Gujarat style.Patel, Harita L.Vasavada, Ravindra J.
1996Ka-Ka-ni mchod-rten at alch chos-khor early 11th,Century A.D. : a study of the form's intrinsic expression.Jhaldiyal, ShikhaVasavada, Ravindra J.
2010Kilivaathil : a study of use of timber in the traditional architecture of Kerala.Debnath, PrasenjitVasavada, Ravindra J.
1991Landscape in building environment : a study of various attitudes in different cultural contexts.Karanwal, NanditaVasavada, Ravindra J.
1985Manmandir Palace : Gwalior : a study of mediaeval hindu palace architecture.Soni, Arvind M.Vasavada, Ravindra J.
1995Missionary schools in darjeeling' : a study of organization as a manifestation of attitudes, ideologies and social relationships of the institute with respect to the local culture.Pradhan, PrashantVasavada, Ravindra J.
1982Modhera Sun Temple : a study of aspects of architectural expressions.Joshi, NeelaVasavada, Ravindra J.
1988Organisational concepts of urban houseforms.Shrivastava, Adeish K.Vasavada, Ravindra J.
1998Padukams of nambuthiri illams : understanding its importance as an element of transition.Ray, SuparnaVasavada, Ravindra J.
1985Penetration into architectural expressions associated with plan-forms and several structural details related to it of religious and monumental edifice of hindu and muslim.Jain, DineshVasavada, Ravindra J.
1982Penetration into transcendental archetypes, Depicted in architecture.Dave, Atul S.Vasavada, Ravindra J.
1997Raison d'etre of architecture.Mehta, VandiniVasavada, Ravindra J.
1988Ramifications of concept : the symbolic and functional aspects of movement in architecture.Rao, TaraVasavada, Ravindra J.
2014Restoration and adaptive reuse of queens palace at Sarkhej roza , study of a structural element, - studio I,Study of traditional houseform dariyapur II, Ahmedabad - Studio II,study of pol : Gosaiji maharaj ni pol kalupur II, Ahmedabad studio III.Jain, AdityaVasavada, Ravindra J.
2012Restoration of Barve wada Dubere, Maharashtra.Deodhar, AjitaDesai, Jigna; Vasavada, Ravindra J.
2014Restoration of historic Jami masjid area, Ahmedabad, Study of building element column of Ajitnath temple, waghan pol, Ahmedabad and documentation of traditional tamilian house of Pondicherry - studio I,Study of traditional house H no 1202, lal pol, dariy.Jain, RishabhVasavada, Ravindra J.
2012Restoration of Rampuriya haveli, Bikaner.Kumar, YogeshDesai, Jigna; Vasavada, Ravindra J.