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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
1992Evaluation of development plan : case study Surendranagar.Vaghela, V. D.Shah, K. M.; Vishwanath, B. N.
1987Evaluation of zoning plan with respect to residential development at Indore.Datta, AnirudhVishwanath, B. N.
1977Forms and settlement patterns in the region of Goa.Antao, A. R. A.Vishwanath, B. N.
1985Impact assessment of rehabilitation and planning implications : a case study of Tawa project.Chitewale, ArvindJoshi, Vidyut; Vishwanath, B. N.
1975Internal migration in India : a critical review with special reference to metropolitan cities.Marwaha, Jaspal SinghVishwanath, B. N.
1989Issues and management of water supply system : a case study of Surat Municipal Corporation.Patel, M. H.Mehta, U. S.; Vishwanath, B. N.
1986Justification and evaluation of village link roads : a case study of Karjan command area.Kadibhai, Mustansir, A. G.Vishwanath, B. N.; Basu, D. N.
1991Land management of public purpose reserved plots in town planning scheme : case study of Memnagar town planning scheme.Shah, Kumudchandra J.Vishwanath, B. N.
1985Main activity patterns and its environmental impacts : the case of Goa.Thomas, P. J.Vishwanath, B. N.; Ravichandran, K.
1981Management of urban public transport system : a case study of Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service.Sadasivam, K.Vishwanath, B. N.; Vasadia, R. D.
1985Objectives and performance : a study of Kandla free trade zone.Gopalakrishnan, C.Mehta, S. S.; Vishwanath, B. N.
1979Parsi habitat : a study.Dabu, Navroz N.Vishwanath, B. N.
1982Planning and development for tourism : case study of Veraval-Patan.Hossien, Kamali A.Vishwanath, B. N.
1984Planning components of agricultural produce regulated markets in Gujarat.Thakker, Himanshu N.Pimplaskar, S. L.; Vishwanath, B. N.
1983Planning for the command area development : a case study of Nagarjunasagar project in Andhra Pradesh.Koteswara Rao, A. V.Radhakrishna, R.; Vishwanath, B. N.
1985Planning for the command area development : a case study of Panam irrigation project in Gujarat.Trivedi, H. P.Patel, A. S.; Vishwanath, B. N.
1982Planning for the cyclone prone areas of Gujarat : an integrated approach.Avrani, ShirishAgrawal, Binod C.; Vishwanath, B. N.
1980Planning for tourism ,'UKAI'.Joshi, Ravindra S.Bhatt, Panubhai N.; Vishwanath, B. N.
1989Planning process with respect to local authorities in urban authority area : a case study of Kalol ,Ranip and Thaltej.Patel, Ramesh S.Vishwanath, B. N.
1986Public intervention in Urban land : provisions and realities of acquisition.Rastogi, ParthVishwanath, B. N.; Mehta, U. S.